Monday, December 28, 2015

The best things in life

1. A 'thelay wala' who serves piping hot chicken corn soup "anday wala" :-)

2. Hot frothy coffee in the middle of a busy shopping area when all shoppers have gone home but the food shops are bustling with people at 11 pm.

3. People who push you rudely away and you turn in surprise at their rudeness, and then suddenly start smiling because ... this is home.

4. A place where people tend to say, "When you were not there, we were all silent, and now we're all animated."

5. A group of people who suddenly perk up when you make plans to leave two days later than initially planned.

6. Friends who text back "Oh you're HERE? We HAVE to meet."

7. A program of study which teaches you how much knowledge is out there and how much further you still need to go.

8. People who never ask, "When is your PhD completing?"

9. People who never ask, "When are you giving us khushkhabri?"

10. Cheap stuff found in an obscure shop which never gets destroyed in a washer/dryer.

11. Six people who are about to become 12 in about 6 months.. :-)

12. People who you can have long conversations on the beach with - about future plans, only to conclude at the end, "Allah is indeed the Best Planner."

13. People who stare at you incredulously when you reveal that you really enjoy long conversations about our state of affairs, our educational system and current political situation worldwide. 

There is so much to be thankful for ..Alhamdulillah :-)