Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anonymous Musings

Aoa folks!

Or rather, Aoa blog :)

Life has been too busy lately. I can't believe I still come back here for a little anonymous rant sometimes. It's weird, I know. Nothing on the Web is truly anonymous. But I guess it's enough that majority of one's friends do not know about blogs not linked to FB profiles. So even if Google knows, Blogger knows and whoever else, the people who do not know, matter the most!

This year was a year of travel. I think I hopped on and off too many planes now.
1. Virginia
2. Columbus
3. Pakistan
4. NY
5. Boston (not happened yet)
6. Chicago (not happened yet)

Too many venues. Too many conferences. Too many strangers. Too many polite "I don't shake hands, sorry but it's nice to meet you". Too many forced smiles. Too many trucks parked on the heart.

This year taught me a lot of lessons. One of the most important ones was this: If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will do that for you. It's only you who can be confident about your own work. If you don't take that responsibility, then essentially, you have let go of something really important. And you're the only one who can take this responsibility.

Another lesson is this: Whatever you face in life, it is meant to be. What that means is that in the toughest of times when one only feels like turning one's face upwards and saying "Why me?"... the important thing to remember is that you're put in a specific situation because you can handle it. If you have faith in Allah (God) and you truly believe that He is the All Wise, then He can never put you in situation you cannot handle. This thought helps a lot! :)

Anyway, till another ramble time, keep smiling folks. Or rather, blog.. :)