Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trying to keep up!


As the days go by, I become more distant from the blog. But I think I shouldn't. The reason is that this is the only place where my friends (most) don't know who  I am :)!

In almost every other social media outlet, I'm known. Who I am and where I'm coming from. I want this place to remain my sounding board - a jumble of my thoughts from which I hope to extract some coherence.

Insha Allah :)

So here goes. I am finally updating this.

The July that went by was one of the most chronically hectic month of my life! But it was amazingly joyous too. The best thing that happened in this month was the arrival of a little bhanji wanji in this world :D. Alhamdulillah. She is such a bundle of joy MA - albeit a really small bundle. She is as tiny as her brother was :p. But as I always say, if you keep eating Lays and what not, the kiddo inside you is not really going to be healthy :p. Anyway, so I am so so utterly glad I was here when she arrived on this planet. By here I mean my home town: Karachi. I was there at the hospital when the same "pacing outside the room" scene was going on. I received the glad news on text from my phuppo who was inside the theatre ... saying two words.

"Baby girl"

Uff, the joy! MA! I had hoped against hope that it would be a lil girl btw. The reason was simply that since we didn't find out the gender beforehand, the shopping was done completely in the wild. And I had (in my own emotional outburstiness when I saw baby girl dresses and the cuteness associated with them) had literally brought all baby girl suits.. except one or two. So this "suited" me :p {sorry, had to use this pun}.

The lil kiddo was soooooo cute (and she still is) MA :). Her older brother (not yet 5 years old but getting there iA) was overjoyed. He announced to the whole hospital in the following words,

"Sub log suno! Meri baby sister aagayeeee" (Everybody listen up! My baby sister is hereeeee] :D

Amused patients and their families turned around to look and many came over to gaze at the "baby sister". Hehe. It was hilariously joyful MA.

One of the choicest comments by Chotu (her older brother) was: Aap ko pata hay mein kesay aya tha? Mein helicopter basket mein aya tha and seedha governor house pe land kia tha."
[You know how I got into this world? I came in a helicopter basket and landed straight at governor house].

We shouted with laughter at this statement because a few days earlier, he had seen two helicopters and they were headed for the governor house in karachi. This had stuck in his brain, apparently.


Alhamdulillah for the family who cares so much for you!

So the hospital stay was as eventful as ever. The lil bhanji would sleep during the day and as soon as the clock turned 11ish, her eyes would become widee open. Lol. It was a frenzied time. But Alhamdulillah, it passed. Sis the priss was at our place for the next ten days. During those days of diaper changing and cleaning bottles, making iftari and entertaining bhanju wanju, I completely forgot that...

I am doing a PhD somewhere on this planet ... :)!