Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cleaning out the hard drive

Walking down memory lane
Full of laughter, full of pain
Can't help remembering things
Things that are part of the terrain
Of life.

Today I (had to) cleaned out my hard drives. There are too many TBs of memories out there. I came across old blog posts, unfinished poems, early pictures of bhanju wanju, and most importantly, the previous me.

If I compare myself in 2009 to the one in 2014 - I see a HUGE difference. Like, enormous. My entire brain was re-wired in these five years. My world-view changed completely.

But in that change, I think I lost quite a few things as well. I lost the easy laughter, the easy carefree-ness. Not only that, I lost quite a bit of self-esteem.

If there is one lesson I really really learned in these 5 years .. "Nothing much is going to be according to how you wish it to be".

This place has made me humble :).. that's for sure. I no longer think I'm a "good student" - I no longer even think I'm a "good Muslim".

I think this humility is a great thing so maybe I should be happy about it.

So long folks.