Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The PhD fellowship


I wrote a post long time back referring to a fellowship interview which was about to happen and which never did. Well, Alhamdulillah I did not turn into a skeleton waiting for it to happen :).

The interview was held a full 15 days from the first scheduled one. Lol. I don't remember now what the reason was, but apparently, something went wrong with the timezones.

So the interview went well Allah ka shukkar. I was so happy that day, that I went out with friends and we had frozen yoghurt :D.

The main question on my friends' minds was:

And my simple explanation was that I have never been a good interviewee. I always mess up. This was the one time when it actually went coherently. And the lady interviewer was sounding very happy on the phone. At least my optimistic (ha!) self thought so :). 

The cool coincident was that the lady had been in exactly my situation when she was doing her PhD. Lol. That was funny. We talked as if we were girly friends :D. 

So the results got announced a few weeks back. Alhamdulillah multiplied by a gazillion, I was selected :). I don't know how many applicants there were - but they selected around 80 people from all around the world. So this was a really nice piece of news. My folks were so excited :D. I remember calling my Chotpo up and she (despite her recent chemo session - did I ever mention my Chotpo is undergoing chemo sessions? I don't think I have mentioned this tears-inducing-in-a-microsecond piece of news here) - was elated beyond elated :) :). 

Also, my Dad. Uff he was sooo proud :). I was kind of okay with this thing. But when I saw their happiness, it gave me so much strength. Surprisingly, everybody in my school were so happy. Apparently, a PhD fellowship is a really nice thing to have.. :). Allah ka boht shukkar. 

Indeed, we get unexpected silver linings in our lives and indeed, we should be grateful for every silver lining we get. 

So this was last month. Now, I have to bear the fact that I will be poorer now (this fellowship has a cap on the amount of funding we will receive, so since the tuition is so high, the stipend will be wayyyy less than the one we get as doctoral students here). But anyway, at least this is secured source of funding and it can last up to 5 years. 

For me, at this stage, it is enough to receive congratulatory email from the dean and have this news mentioned in the school newsletter. 


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