Friday, February 21, 2014

So nothing happened!


Long time no update. Thing is, it is hard these days to even bring myself to the point of writing a blog entry. There were days (looooong ago) when I used to think about blogging as a first reaction to most of the things that happened to me during the day!

Every event in my life was a blog entry. But alas, how times change and people get 'aql and move on in life. Kidding.

I miss those days. At least things that happened didn't just flash by so fast. They rested in my brain, and came out in the form of a crafty blog post late in the night. Right now, the urge to write is nearly zero. But I'm trying to build the habit again. Why not share good stuff that teaches me and every reader something worthwhile!

So here it goes. I will write what happened today.

Today started with Fajr, and then I slept :$. Then, Chotpo's phone call came as I had asked her to wake me up at 9.30 am. Good old chotpo. She so faithfully called me up and my sleepy self tried to open her eyes. Immediately, something stuck me. I had a phone interview at 10 am. Omg! That's why I had asked her to wake me up - it dawned on my sleepy brain.

Hurrying into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, I was all dua'as and pleas for the interview to go well. For this is the final round of a PhD fellowship which would be pretty useful for me if I get it. Then, I sat down on the couch, and stared at the clock. It was nearly 10 am. Any time now, the phone would ring. And I will answer it. And the interviewer will ask me questions such as "What are you working on these days?" .. "What is your motivation behind seeking our grant".. "What do you plan to do when you return to your home country?"

I hurriedly pulled a piece of paper towards me and began jotting down points which I would talk about. As I wrote, I kept glancing at the clock, which now showed 10.05 am.

I wrote and then stared at my cell phone (dutifully charged over the night!) and stared. And stared. And practised my questions. And stared.

No phone rang.

It was beyond frustrating. This was a 40-minute interview ! What was going on?

At 11 am. I had begun to get very annoyed. 60 minutes! And I had just spent those 60 minutes staring at the phone and muttering jotted points to myself, and nothing happened!

Sigh. I am still here, with no clue as to when the interview will happen next. It might happen tomorrow. And yes I'm still scared.

I'm SO not good with interviews. May Allah Help me, Ameen!

So long folks! Check out the creepy picture :s