Sunday, January 19, 2014

*snort* --> Egypt’s post-Morsi constitution gets almost total voters’ approval

An article (among many such others in the news today). I will add some comments below its contents (my comments in bold).


Exactly 98.1% of Egyptians said yes to the new constitution in this week’s referendum. The outlawed Muslim brotherhood says it does not recognize the vote, which saw some 20 million, or over 38% of registered voters, participate.

What a surprise... The 98.1 figure is made to sound like a sweeping majority. Please don't overlook the fact that it was only 38% of registered voters who came out. And these are figures provided by the people who wanted the yes vote!
Oh, the irony!

Nabil Salib, head of the Supreme Election Committee, said the vote was an “unrivalled success” while no major political faction was pushing for a “no” vote, as many Egyptians saw approving the constitution as the first step towards restoring stability.

Haha, at "no major political faction" "pushing for a no vote" ... yeah as if they would be allowed to push for a no-vote as a major political party. That major political party has seen one of the worst forms of political and humans rights violation in history. Its leaders jailed, its supporters (civillians) killed and injured in the thousands, its party declared a terrorist organization and its members generally persecuted. Sure, no major party pushed for a no-vote - but not because it didn't want to, only because you pushed them out of the picture - because you have the weapons and they don't. Epitome of fairness!

And the secular groups are figuring this out too. For, even expressing concern at this farce of a "referendum" brought about arrests and persecution.

"Now that God has supported us in legalizing our constitution, we ask for his aid in achieving the remaining two stages of the road map: the presidential and parliamentary elections," Salib said.

They take the name of God, as if they're actually following His Commands. What a supreme irony! As if it was on Allah's Will that they killed so many thousands and paved the way towards their so called "legalization of constitution".

One of the contentious issues in the constitution was an article stipulating that Sharia law will be the main source of legislation, as was the case during the toppled regime of Hosni Mubarak. Egyptian Christians and liberals on the constitutional committee attempted to remove all mentions of Sharia law from the constitution, but the ultraconservative Salafi party, Al-Nour, insisted the reference to Sharia law remain, albeit in a watered-down version.

Its so simple. They want their ideology to prevail, and Islamic ideology to be completely separated from politics. They know that the mention of Shariah is not going to do squat in stopping the persecution and generally everything AGAINST the shariah this egyptian regime is doing. YET, they don't want the words. That is the extent of their intolerance. 

What do we do? We compromise and keep compromising - until we have nothing left in our hands which we can call our own. Nothing. 

And that is the result of participating in system which is inherently unIslamic. I'm beyond surprised the strict salafi brothers can't see it. Or maybe they choose not to!

However, the new constitution in terms of liberal values is generally is seen as an improvement on the Muslim Brotherhood constitution of 2012 as it eliminates various articles that gave legal and political authority to Egypt’s highest Islamic Institution, the Al-Azhar University.

See? When I said they want their ideology (liberalism) to prevail as state law - and Islam to be completely kicked out from the political scene. 

Another principle article was bans formation of religious parties or parties based on religious grounds -a setback for the Muslim Brotherhood, which was outlawed in December last year because of its ideological differences and continual protest against the military since it was ousted from power in the military coup of July 3.

Ho. Talk about "ruling a/c to Shariah" .. this is the extent of the word "Shariah" in that constitution. The very next lines in the constitution defy Shariah. No political party who wants to implement Islam. Wonder what they're so scared of. I wonder if Morsi put down such stipulations (no political party on the basis of liberalism)! It's indeed true.... those who choose to be blind, can never see! 

 Source: RT


MAK said...


In my opinion, Muslim brotherhood or for that matter opposition (That called for not voting) should had done completly opposite. They should had mobilized people to come forward and cast a "No" word. They are being arrested and killed any way... so why not do something that might had changed the outcome. Boycotting an election to prove your strength, in my opinion, is not a good way.

This mistake is similar to IK's mistake of not contesting election in 2008.

Uni said...

Participating in the system inevitably means you recognize it as legitimate.

IK didn't do it. MB wouldn't do it now.

The "no" vote could probably be organized, had the killing machines (the army) in Egypt shown some mercy when it came to civilians. How much more can MB take?

Also, the judiciary belongs to the army (is pro govt.) too. Do you really expect justice in Egypt now? [even if a no vote was mobilized and successfully carried out]?

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