Friday, November 29, 2013

I have to record this moment!

It's 4 am.

I'm in my lab.

Today's Thanksgiving holiday (to give thanks for the new harvest season - and another historical story which I don't know) so there is nobody in the lab at this hour.

The silence is eating me.

But it's also forcing me to work.

A stupid homework is due on Saturday.

I didn't work at all for this homework, because one important lesson learned: Homeworks ruin research! So I have this policy of strictly spending 2 days max on the toughest of homeworks.

So far it's given me two of the most torturous days of my life, every two weeks.

One of which is today...

Just wanted to record this moment. One day (if Blogger survives and destiny permits) my grandkids will read this and think, "Wow! Grandma was sure hard working!"

:D.. now that's a nice cheer-me-uppy thought of the day :D

They wouldn't know about the bazillion breaks I took between 5 pm (when I got here) and 4 am (which is now).

So long folks. Hope your "holidays" (if you're in the US) are going better than this. If you're not here, I bet it would still be better :)! Check out the comic below :D

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beyond Amazing Reminder

One of the most important lessons in life:

If Allah (SWT) is not the most important "One" in your life, you will find other "ones" - to fill that gap!

Monday, November 18, 2013

So Dark is the Night

The night falls early
The day exits fast
The glow of sunshine
Really doesnt last

Life trudges blearily on
Boots crunching the leaves
Stamping out hope and smiles
Leaving behind sadness and grief

The trees look empty, deserted
Bereft, hollow, like my heart
The grass is yellow, dry
Everything plays its part

Home seems too far away
The kindly faces, cheery and bright
So utterly precious are they
Moments, I now hold tight

The longing and loneliness persists
Fatigue and exhaustion my friends
The mind wonders and wanders
Twists, turns and gratefully bends

Into sleep, unrestful, restless
A sleep that's just a way
Temporarily into a cave of darkness
Only to wake up, to face another day

Copyright Uni_Whiny_oony 2013