Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yeh Musalmaan hain...

Qatar strips Qaradawi of citizenship, orders Khaled Meshaal out of country 

Qatar has stripped prominent Muslim Brotherhood cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi of his Qatari citizenship, has ordered Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal (who took refuge in Qatar after it was no longer palatable to be sheltered by Bashar al-Assad) out of the country, and has withdrawn support from the Muslim Brotherhood as a result of Wednesday's events in Egypt (link in Arabic).


UAE, Saudi Arabia express support for Egyptian military’s removal of Morsi
ABU DHABI // The UAE and Saudi Arabia today expressed their support for the Egyptian military’s removal of the Islamist-led government of Mohammed Morsi.
Sheikh Khalifa, President of the UAE, congratulated Egypt’s interim president Adly Al Mansour after he was sworn in today.
“We have followed with appreciation and satisfaction the national consensus that has been seen in your sisterly country, which played a prominent role in enabling Egypt to get out of its crisis in a peaceful way,” Wam news quoted Sheikh Khalifa as saying.


Saudis, Gulf emirates actively aided Egypt’s military coup, settling score for Mubarak ouster

The lightening coup which Wednesday, July 3, overthrew President Mohamed Morsi put in reverse gear for the first time the Obama administration’s policy of sponsoring the Muslim Brotherhood movement as a moderate force for Arab rule and partner in its Middle East policies. debkafile reveals that the Egyptian military could not have managed their clockwork coup without the aid of Saudi and Dubai intelligence and funding.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE threw their weight and purses behind Egypt’s generals aiming to put their first big spoke in the US-sponsored Arab Revolt (or Spring), after they failed to hold the tide back in Libya, Egypt and thus far Syria.
Abbas celebrates, Hamas goes mum on Egypt coup
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday praised Egypt’s military for toppling President Mohamed Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological ally of Abbas’s Hamas rivals.

The fall of Mursi’s government deprived Hamas of a sympathetic neighbour, and may strengthen Abbas’s chances of nudging Hamas toward a long-delayed reconciliation and power-sharing pact.

By intervening to remove Mursi, the Egyptian army had prevented Egypt’s “slide toward an unknown fate”, Abbas said.

Yasser Abed Rabbo, a top official in the Palestine Liberation Organization headed by Abbas, said: “This is a historic day for Egypt, and we are learning a lesson from the Egyptian example. Hamas should take note of what popular will can achieve.”

Hamas officials largely shunned the media yesterday, and the movement took no position on the sudden removal of Mursi.

“We pray to God to preserve the security and the stability of Egypt and its people and to prevent bloodshed,” a Hamas spokesman, Ehab Ghussein, told Reuters.

Updated: Ennahdha Condemns ‘Coup’ in Egypt, but Distances Itself from Brotherhood - See more at: http://www.tunisia-live.net/2013/07/04/ennahdha-condemns-coup-in-egypt-but-distances-itself-from-brotherhood/#sthash.8eI7WFWY.dpuf
- See more at: http://www.tunisia-live.net/2013/07/04/ennahdha-condemns-coup-in-egypt-but-distances-itself-from-brotherhood/#sthash.8eI7WFWY.dpuf

Yesterday’s events in Egypt, in which President Mohammed Morsi was removed from power by the military after a protest movement called for him to step down, have inspired strong reactions from Tunisia’s ruling Ennahdha party.
Ennahdha, which like Morsi’s party is an Islamist movement that came to power after the revolutions of January 2011, has condemned what it deems a “coup” against Morsi, but is also careful to differentiate itself from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
Ennahdha spokesperson Zoubeyer Chhoudi criticized yesterday’s events in an interview today with Tunisia Live.
- See more at: http://www.tunisia-live.net/2013/07/04/ennahdha-condemns-coup-in-egypt-but-distances-itself-from-brotherhood/#sthash.8eI7WFWY.dpuf
All these nations enjoy amazing support from the West, let's not forget that. And er, their power is permanent too. As soon as they die, their sons become the next leaders. The cycle continues. Happy life indeed, eh?

Let's see what happens to them in Aaakhirah.

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