Friday, July 19, 2013

Ramadan 2013


Boy, is this Ramadan wayyy different from the last one. In the last Ramadan:

1. We didn't have an apartment!
2. We didn't have a car!
3. Hence, we walked to the masjid for iftaar (a good 20 minutes walk)
4. I was jetlagged!
5. No taraweeh! Because how could we walk back so late in the night?
6. General unease and feelings of unsettledness! (because we weren't settled!)

NOW: Alhamdulillah :)
All of the things above have reversed. This Ramadan, I was determined not miss any Taraweeh - and also read the Quran with translation along with the Taraweeh Quran, so that I could (also) finish on the 27th Ramadan. I had made resolutions of reading dua'as, had made out a dua'a list, and had put down a Sehri (pre-dawn meal) meal plan and a rough outline of how my day should proceed.

Lol, so there are some things that cannot be implemented, no matter how much you want them to happen!

Like, in my daily schedule, I'm supposed to get up at 3.30 am, pray Tahajjud, make sehri, eat sehri, go for Fajr prayers in the masjid, read Quran and memorize a list of Surahs, and then go to campus. Stay in campus till 6pm, come back and have a nap from 6 to 8pm and then go to masjid, break the fast at 9pm and then read Quran till Isha prayers, read Isha and taraweeh, and then come back at around 12.30 am and then er, sleep.

So like, this was too ambitious I think. What started happening was that I would read the after Fajr Quran and then feel SO sleepy that I would sleep and wake up by 10 am :$:$. Sigh. I tried to tell myself that this is only for a month, but it didn't work. A few good headaches later, I've decided to take it a bit easy.

So lesson number 1: Don't be too hard on yourself on the first few days of Ramadan, or else you will not have the energy to keep going :)

This Ramadan was marred by my Chotpo's health issues. She was admitted in hospital and surgery will be scheduled soon. She's doing better now Alhamdulillah but the time spent in the past few days has been really hard. It's tough to be so far away and then hear your family members really missing you and wanting you to be there. And then, not have the visa to travel. :'(

Lesson number two: Life won't always hand you lemons. Don't dream of lemonades. It's Ramadan!

One cool thing in this masjid is that nobody has scolded me up till now for reading the Quran :) while the Imam is reciting it in Taraweeh. Alhamdulillah for that!

One of my friends has gone to Pakistan to visit her family (sigh, how lucky I know). I'm so wishing she hurries up and comes back here. I miss talking. Lol, funny I know. But there are days that go by when I'm silent and have no communication/conversation. This Ramadan especially. [er, not counting the salam du'a you do in masjid with various people randomly].

EDIT: I just realized how ungrateful this post sounds. So I've deleted the last two lines and am eternally grateful to Allah (SWT) for the blessings we have, and the people around us! :) :) :)

PS: And I think my friend is coming back soon (like, this week probably!! IA) :D:D:D:D:D:D Alhamdulillah!!!


Tauqeer said...

May Allah (SWT) resolves Chotpo's health issues soon. Ameen and Ramadan Mubarak.

Umair said...

May Allah bless chotpo with good health. Amin.