Saturday, July 6, 2013

As I sit in the hospital room...


This post is an attempt to capture today and yesterday so that years later, I can recall what happened when I volunteered. To do what, you may ask?

It will become apparent by the end of the post insha'Allah :)

It's 4.18 am. The hospital never sleeps. I can hear nurses bustling about. They do their duty so well, they just don't let you sleep. And their smiles and professionalism is such, you can't help but er, smile back even though you feel like saying "Please can you let me sleep? Like say, for an hour maybe?" Lolz.

So since my nephew Chotu was born in Oct 2009, it's been a while since I held a teensy (literally, TINY) baby in my arms. Aww, what a feeling MashaAllah!

One of my friends' was due to have her baby day before yesterday. She also has another little daughter and the hospital doesn't allow kids to stay overnight. So I offered to stay the nights in the hospital as long as she stays here. And it's been one heck of a ride :D. I just can't help remember that time, in Karachi, when I used to pace the hospital room with chotu potu's spindly self flailing about in my arms. He was completely un-pacifiable! (pun, er, intended, okay).

So this lil kiddo, this daughter of my friend, is a feisty child MashaAllah :). Yesterday night, she was crying so bad, and it was all because of the "getting used to the mother's milk" business. Wow, I watched in fascination as the lil girl, barely 2 days old, knowing this one important skill for survival: sucking. SubhanAllah!

And the whole night passed in this way. But I did get sleep when I went back home. It's the mother who cannot do that... May Allah Bless them all for their efforts.

Tonight is the second and last night I will be here. Today the situation is way better. The lil brainy baby has figured out the difference between a pacifier and a live er, stream (of milk). Uh, sorry for the idiotic wording. But you get the picture. I'm amazed at her.

[Try getting a robot to learn this fast :p hah!]


So this was one volunteer work which ends today. Another amazing work going on in this state is by an organization which distributes food/clothing/money to the needy Muslim families.

I'm AMAZED at their work! [and er, it's an inspiration that the lady who runs it is a PhD doctor]. So me and friends collected a few things to give away before Ramadan. The things were kept in my house and this organizations' reps were supposed to come pick them up.

So at 6.30pm, the bell rang. Here is how it went.

Me: Whose there?
Him: Brother XYZ from Organization_name
Me: Okay, Assalamualaikum [an Uncle stood there, looking very kindly].
Him: Walaikumassalam.
Me: Here are the things.
Him: Sure, I will take them.
Me: (thinking) : Okay, this will take about 10 chakkars (turns) from my living room to his car.

To my surprise, he started picking up boxes and piling them outside the door. I stared. He came back and explained, "This is so I don't have to come back inside the house repeatedly."

*amazed at the kindness, Allah-Consciousness involved*

Him: We have a lot of families in need, some single parents, some don't have enough child support, some got laid off. But we get stuff from generous people, and we go around collecting all the leftovers of iftaar from all masajid.

Him (contd): Dr is my wife. Don't know what I'd do without her. I'm lucky to have her. 

Me: Convey my Jazakillah to her for being an inspiration for this effort.

Him: I will. Assalamualaikum.

And he left. I (waited till he had gone) broke out into a huge smile.

Couples who help each other attain the pleasure of Allah, has the "spark" last through the years. This man was closer to my Dad's age, than my age. And yet, he spoke so good about his wife. Alhamdulillah. May Allah Enable these things to come our way too! Ameen.

So this was the second volunteer thingie. I guess I must sleep now, the baby is also asleep, so prudence and pragmatism demands that I stop typing and turn in.

So long!

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