Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Year Gone - ten lessons learned!

Nearly. It's 11.22 pm here and tomorrow's June 19, 2013. I just read some posts of last year's June and boy. Are they strikingly different from my life right now or what!


They also remind me that Allah (SWT) has special blessings for all of us, and He is the One who Decides when each of us will have our share. And it's always there for us. Some people get their share earlier, some late, and some not in this world. But it's always always there.

So what are the major changes I'll see as positive that happened from 19 June 2012 to 2013? What are the lessons learned in this first year? Lemme list a few.

1. I started getting up earlier in the mornings. I used to be a person unable to NOT sleep after Fajr (for nearly all of my life after school finished - which finished a long time ago) :)

2. I became aware of how the rest of the 50% population in the world... functions. How they think, what makes them click and what... never does

3. I understood how difficult it is to stand up for your long-held beliefs if the people you're around don't think the same way. Stuff like "no makeup policy in front of na-mahrams because your face is uncovered". This policy was seriously challenged in the initial days after June 19 last year. After coming here, it's way easier to implement. May Allah Still Help me in this regard, Ameen.

4. I learned that it's never easy for two people to live in the same house and get along with each other perfectly. There will always be disagreements, arguments, sometimes disappointments. The trick is: how we deal with these things.

Two ways that I can think of:
--> Throw a tantrum - have an all-out fight. Loads of tears, loads of bewilderment, loads of useless tensions --> only to realize there was no need for it!

---> Keep quiet for the time being, and then deal with things later when they don't seem so enormous anymore. Really hard to implement, but highly highly useful and a more productive way of dealing with disagreements that morph into all-out war.

5. I realized how precious daughters are to their parents, especially when they move away from their parents' homes. How concerned the parents are (even though they try to hide it) which shows in how frequently they keep on inquiring stuff like "sub khairiat hay na, sub theek hay na?" (is everything okay?). Alhamdulillah for such parents.

6. I've learned that true happiness doesn't depend on how lavishly you're able to live, how much you can splurge on yourself, how many amazing movies you watch, how much popcorn you can stuff in, how much travel you can do, how much shopping you can do etc. True happiness comes from being with people who really understand you, and would always consider your point of view as something, something worthy of being considered. If you miss out on that, no amount of money can fill that void.

7. One of the most important lessons I've learned is that if you have a beyond awesome relationship and connection with Allah (SWT), then you automatically have a beyond awesome relationship with your family. Allah-Consciousness brings about softness to the heart. Negatives don't affect your heart that much, it's easier to overlook shortcomings, and easier to really appreciate good actions towards you.

8. There is a key difference between what men and women want in this world. Women really want appreciation and love. Men really want respect and appreciation (they insist that they just want respect but I insist that they want appreciation bundled with respect - but they don't agree, and I respect that).

9. I've learned that it's only Jannah where everything will be perfect. Yourself, your looks, your relationships, your time spent, everything. In this world, we have to deal with imperfections.

And finally,

10. I've learned that when we make loki ka raita (whipped yoghurt with bottle gourd), we don't really have to blend/grind the boiled loki. Mashing it gently is enough. Otherwise, nobody can tell it's loki ka raita. Lolz.

So long folks.

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