Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Note :)

This is the note I wrote in a birthday card sent to Chotu (my nephew) when he turned 3. I just saw this saved as a notepad file somewhere and thought of putting it up on my blog so that I see it later someday and smile and cheer up just as I did today.

And hope it makes you smile too!

Happy Birthday Chotu Potu :)

You're too little to read this, but one day (Insha Allah), you will be able to read this [in case, it survives your mischief :p]. This is a small gift from your ever loving 'aala' - who is sending you this from more than 8000 miles away. She is sending you this to tell you that she loves you very very very much, and she's so proud of you that you've started speaking !! Amazing, Masha Allah.

She misses you nearly every moment of her life (yes, even when she appears to be really busy with her life), and she wants to say that the best times she had were when she and you were horsing around nana nano's house. :)

Hope you read this later in your life and remember...

Your ever adoring..

The latest words I heard from him were "Baai jaan! Beela wajay kee harkat nahi, baai jaan... beela wajay kee harkat nahi karo"


Translation: Brother dear (that's what my chotpo calls Dad) [so this kid is addressing his grandfather actually]... don't do this thing for no reason... for no reason, don't do this!

And this is what's contained in the regular reprimands this kid receives from his Dad.


Talk about cheek! But when Chotu says this (usually when he is indignant about something), folks around him totally burst into laughter. Defeats the whole purpose of the self-righteous indignation doesn't it? *grin*

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