Monday, January 28, 2013

It's a strange world when...

You actually feel constant tears welling up in your eyes
Due to no wrong done to you
No injustice done to you
Nothing bad has happened to you
But only because...
Somebody in the world
Has shown immense kindness
Extreme kindness
And that's all the reason there is.
And you're unable to forget it
As the day goes on.

Life as I knew it, no longer exists
The foundations in my brain have shaken
To bits

Whatever I was taught
From a very young age
Was nothing, but
A sand hill

The breeze of truth
Swept it away
Leaving me shaking
Quite a bit

The half-truths, the lies
Untold essentials, all aside
What was left?
A total lie

The truth eventually comes out
No matter what
And that's what happened
And I try to absorb...

Copyright Uni_Shaken_To_The_Core_oony 2013

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