Wednesday, January 9, 2013

At this time...

My brain is on a shut-down mode. Slowly, brain functions are ceasing to... function. Every nerve in my body is yelling out to me... "Have mercy!". I mercilessly listen to the sounds. And I do nothing.


This is one state of mind I never thought I'd experience. The state of total numbness, where you have worked your brain so much, that it kind of starts laughing at you in the end.

Only, that there is no end.

It's nearly 11pm right now, and I'm still at university. My lab is deserted. Nobody is around. On the second day of semester, what do you expect? :P

But I'm around. And I know one particular lab downstairs is still full of folks.


If only that lab would get farigh, I'd go home too. *deep sigh*

Waisay, one thought strikes me so often now. Allah (SWT) just had to Say "Kun" (be) and insaan (man) became (Fa ya kuun).

And we're going absolutely BOLONEY over ONE simple robot and it takes years and years to function (fully).


Makes me feel humble, really.

It's been over 12 hours I've been in university today. And it's been 16 hours since I've been awake. Self pity threatens to drown me in ... but I remember that I'm doing PhD (Parhai Hawwanak Deewaani).

It's bound to be this way.

Oh by the way, I had a really good discussion with my supervisor today. He finally PUSHED me. Thank the Lord. I am a person who works only when somebody superior ups the pressure. And he finally did.

Now, I hope to get some research done this semester. And no coursework - thanks very much.

Except a Math course. I would have loved it, had it not taken so much time. Or required a thorough background in Linear Algebra. So I (the smart girl) thought I'd take Gilbert Strang's lectures home (to Pak) when I went on vacations. And do them all.


I didn't even do 2 !

And they're 32 in number.

So here I am, frantically watching one lecture after the other.  Each lecture takes nearly an hour. And guess how many I've done in 2 days.

8. That's it! *wants to pull out somebody's hair - slowly - one by one*

Anyway folks *glumly*. Boy, is vacation over or what. So long!

PS: Anybody knows a good Arabic online course I can take? Highly recommended to keep me sane over these months...and years...and years... and... Okay I'll stop. It's too overwhelming to bear.

Highly relevant, this: *chortle*


Noor said...

yaar. I am speechless. :p

Uni said...

I was too .. :D. When I entered university at 8am this morning and it was highly deserted. I couldn't believe this was happening.

*yawn*. Life is a challenge.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

Find some Arab in your university and make friends with her. :P

XV said...

If you are looking for free lessons or recordings:
the above site has all the recordings of a teacher teaching full series of madina arabic books.

If you are looking for interactive online classes with students and teachers:

the best and most affordable I know of is

they have a whole online alim program with classes 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.
but they also have arabic only classes which you can take 1 or 2 hours a day, 2-3 days a week.

1st semester starts at the end of ramadan and 2nd semester starts on march 23rd. If you know basic nahw and sarf/a little bit of arabic, you might be able to skip some of the arabic course and join in the middle of the semester

hope this helps. if you need any other assistance, inshaAllah, just post here

Uni said...


I looked at the Darululoom thing long time back and it starts in Fall :(. I wanted to start, like, now..!

Others, I'll check out IA.

Jazakallah very much once again!

XV said...

ameen wa iyyak.
yes the new semester starts in fall but they accept students in the middle of the year depending on how much arabic they know. I've seen new students in the classes who joined in the middle of the year.
thus, if you've taken basic arabic elsewhere, you might be able to start now. I'd suggest contacting them thru the number given on the "contact us" page. they'll test you and then decide if you can join now.

Uni said...

Oh. I'm not really sure I know "some" of it.. :). I'll have to think about that one.

Hopefully I have a starting point!

Jazakallah for all the suggestions

Anonymous said...

ooh also, I forgot about bayyinah.

bayyinah has arabic with husna

and then qibla has some arabic courses starting soon. they are a bit expensive though