Monday, January 28, 2013

It's a strange world when...

You actually feel constant tears welling up in your eyes
Due to no wrong done to you
No injustice done to you
Nothing bad has happened to you
But only because...
Somebody in the world
Has shown immense kindness
Extreme kindness
And that's all the reason there is.
And you're unable to forget it
As the day goes on.

Life as I knew it, no longer exists
The foundations in my brain have shaken
To bits

Whatever I was taught
From a very young age
Was nothing, but
A sand hill

The breeze of truth
Swept it away
Leaving me shaking
Quite a bit

The half-truths, the lies
Untold essentials, all aside
What was left?
A total lie

The truth eventually comes out
No matter what
And that's what happened
And I try to absorb...

Copyright Uni_Shaken_To_The_Core_oony 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Note :)

This is the note I wrote in a birthday card sent to Chotu (my nephew) when he turned 3. I just saw this saved as a notepad file somewhere and thought of putting it up on my blog so that I see it later someday and smile and cheer up just as I did today.

And hope it makes you smile too!

Happy Birthday Chotu Potu :)

You're too little to read this, but one day (Insha Allah), you will be able to read this [in case, it survives your mischief :p]. This is a small gift from your ever loving 'aala' - who is sending you this from more than 8000 miles away. She is sending you this to tell you that she loves you very very very much, and she's so proud of you that you've started speaking !! Amazing, Masha Allah.

She misses you nearly every moment of her life (yes, even when she appears to be really busy with her life), and she wants to say that the best times she had were when she and you were horsing around nana nano's house. :)

Hope you read this later in your life and remember...

Your ever adoring..

The latest words I heard from him were "Baai jaan! Beela wajay kee harkat nahi, baai jaan... beela wajay kee harkat nahi karo"


Translation: Brother dear (that's what my chotpo calls Dad) [so this kid is addressing his grandfather actually]... don't do this thing for no reason... for no reason, don't do this!

And this is what's contained in the regular reprimands this kid receives from his Dad.


Talk about cheek! But when Chotu says this (usually when he is indignant about something), folks around him totally burst into laughter. Defeats the whole purpose of the self-righteous indignation doesn't it? *grin*

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

At this time...

My brain is on a shut-down mode. Slowly, brain functions are ceasing to... function. Every nerve in my body is yelling out to me... "Have mercy!". I mercilessly listen to the sounds. And I do nothing.


This is one state of mind I never thought I'd experience. The state of total numbness, where you have worked your brain so much, that it kind of starts laughing at you in the end.

Only, that there is no end.

It's nearly 11pm right now, and I'm still at university. My lab is deserted. Nobody is around. On the second day of semester, what do you expect? :P

But I'm around. And I know one particular lab downstairs is still full of folks.


If only that lab would get farigh, I'd go home too. *deep sigh*

Waisay, one thought strikes me so often now. Allah (SWT) just had to Say "Kun" (be) and insaan (man) became (Fa ya kuun).

And we're going absolutely BOLONEY over ONE simple robot and it takes years and years to function (fully).


Makes me feel humble, really.

It's been over 12 hours I've been in university today. And it's been 16 hours since I've been awake. Self pity threatens to drown me in ... but I remember that I'm doing PhD (Parhai Hawwanak Deewaani).

It's bound to be this way.

Oh by the way, I had a really good discussion with my supervisor today. He finally PUSHED me. Thank the Lord. I am a person who works only when somebody superior ups the pressure. And he finally did.

Now, I hope to get some research done this semester. And no coursework - thanks very much.

Except a Math course. I would have loved it, had it not taken so much time. Or required a thorough background in Linear Algebra. So I (the smart girl) thought I'd take Gilbert Strang's lectures home (to Pak) when I went on vacations. And do them all.


I didn't even do 2 !

And they're 32 in number.

So here I am, frantically watching one lecture after the other.  Each lecture takes nearly an hour. And guess how many I've done in 2 days.

8. That's it! *wants to pull out somebody's hair - slowly - one by one*

Anyway folks *glumly*. Boy, is vacation over or what. So long!

PS: Anybody knows a good Arabic online course I can take? Highly recommended to keep me sane over these months...and years...and years... and... Okay I'll stop. It's too overwhelming to bear.

Highly relevant, this: *chortle*

Sunday, January 6, 2013

●|● Unknown Call to Muslimah ●|●

(This is very nice short story will InshaAllaah make you all aware on this matter, especially for youth muslim!)

After finishing Salatul ‘Ishaa, a Muslimah sit on her Salah mat to make Du’aa.

Once after she finished making du'aa to her Lord, her mobile rang.

She picked up saying : ”Assalamu 'alaykum Wa Wahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.”

A voice of a young man replied : ”Wa'alaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu! Can I speak to (so and so) please?”

The Muslim girl said: ”Sorry brother, you have dialed the wrong number”...Then she hung up.

After few minutes, her mobile rang again.

She picked up, it was the young man who called her minutes ago.

He told her : ”I called again to apologize for disturbing you! You seems to be good girl! Can I know you better?”

The girl was shocked for few seconds but then she replied: ”Brother… Fear Allah! you suppose to be at Masjid praying salatul ‘Ishaa but here you are going after girls to flirt with them at night! Here you are disobeying your Lord instead of obeying HIM! Shame on you!!!”

After saying these words, she immediately hang up.

Few days later, he called her again: ”Assalamu 'alaykum Wa Wahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu sister, plz don’t hang up! I want to apologize again and inform me that I went back to pray all my 5 daily prayers at Masjid! All praises to Allah and thank you for waking me up from my neglectfulness! Plz, can I know the name of the one through whom Allah guided me? I really need someone like you in my life to strengthen my Iman and support me to stay on the right path! Plz help me sister, may Allah reward you for that!”

She didn't reply and started to think :

”Should she accept to help him to stay on right path? Should she accept that he will be in touch with her from time to time to help him strengthen his Imaan?”

She heard a satanic voice whispering: ”He is good guy now! Why are you so worried about it?! Let him call you... you both have pure intention! He really needs you! If you refuse his suggestion, he will go astray and it will be your fault!! “

She was about to tell him her name but suddenly a little voice whispered: ”Allah is watching you”…

It was her conscience which woke her up from making a big mistake!

“Sorry brother!” she replied finally: ”If you are sincere in your repentance then you will find people who are better than me to help you! Even I need someone who helps me to stay at the right path more than you! At Masjid, you will surely find many righteous brothers who would be the good company which help you to get closer to Allah! Please, if you really fear your Lord now and afraid of HIS punishment, then do not call this number ever again!

Assalamu 'alaykum Wa Wahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!”

Then she hang up and she went back to her Salah mat rising her hands to make this Duaa:

“O' Allah, Turner of hearts, make my heart firm on your Deen and save me from the evil of Fitnah, Aameen!”

Source: here