Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unbelievable Happenings!

(My comments in italics)

Israeli Strike in Gaza Kills at Least 11, Including Children

GAZA CITY — Israeli forces killed at least 11 people, including several children, in a single airstrike that destroyed a home here on Sunday, as Israel pressed its bombardment of the Gaza Strip for a fifth day, deploying warplanes and naval vessels to pummel the coastal enclave. [article on hold]

Five days of horror and tragedy. Take a look at this:

Five days of children dying, parents weeping, funerals being held and hospitals brimming with the wounded (and dead). And what are the Muslims doing?
Praying? Collecting donations? Turning a blind eye? Turning the other way round?
What else?

[Me included]. This is as much to myself as it is to the rest of the Muslim world. Here you've got a Muslim leader, of an Islamic party...

pledging that his country won't leave Gaza along to fend for itself. Really? What is there beyond this mere lip service, I ask? What has he actually done? He's the "nearest neighbor!" ... He has an army. [It's a separate question who controls their army]. But really. It's been five days Mr. Morsi. Where are all your promises before you got elected? Condemning Israel's attacks is the exact same thing as former PM Yousuf Raza Gilani condemning drone attacks in Pakistan. Mere movement of lips/tongue, nothing more. 

[article contd.]
The airstrike, which the Israeli military said was meant to kill a Palestinian militant involved in the recent rocket attacks, was the deadliest operation to date and would no doubt weigh on negotiations for a possible cease-fire. Among the dead were five women and four small children, The Associated Press reported, citing a Palestinian health official.
Two media offices were also hit on Sunday, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel warned of a “significant” expansion in the onslaught, which has already killed over 50 people, many of them civilians.

Important bits are in bold. Now check out the statements of this particular man in Bangkok right now. 

Speaking on Sunday from Bangkok, President Obama condemned missile attacks by Palestinian fighters in Gaza and defended Israel’s right to protect itself. 

Big surprise there.

“There’s no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders,” 

Mr. President. Have you glanced at this piece of news? 

Israeli Strike in Gaza Kills at Least 11, Including Children

It's an authentic report by your very own NYTimes. Not any other "biased" media source. So which country are you talking about? Please check your facts, wouldn't you? If no country on this earth can tolerate missiles raining down and killing its children, then you should be fully supportive of Palestinians' rights to defend themselves from Israel. You contradict yourself.

Mr. Obama said in his first public comments since the violence broke out. “We are fully supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Oh yeah? Defend itself from 50 year old ladies, women and small babies? Defend itself by attacking media outlets that broadcast their attrocities? Funny how people completely change the fundamental definitions of human rights, when it's not in their own interest. This is the media building they bombed.

And this is the 10-month old, they killed, using their right to defend themselves. 

Just feel like...

Describing what I did in my day.

Here goes:

1. Cooked
2. Vaccuumed
3. Did laundary
4. Folded laundary
5. Ironed laundary
6. Used rice cooker for the first time (awesome invention, I tell you).
7.  Made banana bread (that's baking, not cooking) :p
8. Rode a bicycle (!!!)

What a day!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

If you haven't...

You NEED to read this. When I read it, I was awestruck. I still am. I cannot believe the accuracy of this man's vision. He had true foresight, and to actually envision what would happen 50-100 years from one's own time, is truly remarkable. Read on:

(Bang-e-Dra-102) Wataniyat (وطنیت) Patriotism

(Yani Watan Bahesiat Aik Siasi Tasawwur Ke)

(As a Political Concept)

Iss Dour Mein Mai Aur Hai, Jaam Aur Hai Jam Aur
Saqi Ne Bina Ki Rawish-e-Lutf-o-Sitam Aur

In this age the wine, the cup, even Jam is different
The cup‐bearer started different ways of grace and tyranny

Muslim Ne Bhi Tameer Kiya Apna Haram Aur
Tehzeeb Ke Azar Ne Tarshawaye Sanam Aur

The Muslim also constructed a different harem of his own
The Azar of civilization made different idols of his own

In Taza Khudaon Mein Bara Sub Se Watan Hai
Jo Pairhan Iss Ka Hai, Woh Mazhab Ka Kafan Hai

Country, is the biggest among these new gods!
What is its shirt is the shroud of Deen (Religion)

Ye But Ke Tarashida-e-Tehzeeb-e-Nawi Hai
Gharatgar-e-Kashana-e-Deen-e-Nabwi Hai

This idol which is the product of the new civilization
Is the plunderer of the structure of the Holy Prophet’s Deen (Religion)

Bazu Tera Touheed Ki Quwwat Se Qawi Hai
Islam Tera Dais Hai, Tu Mustafavi Hai

Your arm is enforced with the strength of the Divine Unity
You are the followers of Mustafa, your country is Islam

Nazzara-e-Dairina Zamane Ko Dikha De
Ae Mustafavi Khak Mein Iss Butt Ko Mila De!

You should show the old panorama to the world
O Mustafaa’s follower! You should destroy this idol

Ho Qaid-e-Maqami To Nateeja Hai Tabahi
Reh Behar Mein Azad-e-Watan Soorat-e-Mahi

The limitation to country results in destruction
Live like the fish in the ocean free from country

Hai Tark-e-Watan Sunnat-e-Mehboob (S.A.W.)-e-Elahi
De Tu Bhi Nabuwwat Ki Sadaqat Pe Gawahi

Renouncing the country is the way of the God’s Beloved (PBUH)
You should also testify to the Prophethood’s Truth by similar action

Guftar-e-Siasat Mein Watan Aur Hi Kuch Hai
Irshad-e-Nabuwwat Mein Watan Aur Hi Kuch Hai

In political parlance country is something different
In Prophet’s command country is something different

Aqwam-e-Jahan Mein Hai Raqabat To Issi Se
Taskheer Hai Maqsood-e-Tajarat To Issi Se

The antagonism among world’s nations is created by this alone
Subjugation as the goal of commerce is created by this alone

Khali Hai Sadaqat Se Siasat To Issi Se
Kamzor Ka Ghar Hota Hai Gharat To Issi Se

Politics have become bereft of sincerity is by this alone
The destruction of the home of the weak is by this alone

Aqwam Mein Makhlooq-e-Khuda Batti Hai Iss Se
Qoumiat-e-Islam Ki Jar Katti Hai Iss Se

God’s creation is unjustly divided among nations by it
The Islamic concept of nationality is uprooted by it