Friday, October 12, 2012

Droning on and on and on...


I normally am excited by this online course I'm taking, but the course has become so dry, so darn BORING, that I'm no longer interested. Network Analysis.. yuck! I was never interested in networks. Yeah, social network is interesting but only using it! The Math and "intuition" behind it is so un-exciting. It's like, the lady drones on and on and on, and I have to listen to that voice continuously.

No surprise, I'm behind on assignments!


One interesting incident. I attended a talk by this guy who survived a plane crash, and converted.

To Christianity. From Islam. He jumped out of the plane saying "Allah hu Akbar" .. and he survived (isn't that a miracle in itself?), and began being a better Muslim. Started reading Quran, and then started inviting Christians to Islam. Turned out he got convinced by them.


Things I have gotten used to now:

Incident: Person introduces himself and reaches out his hand to shake mine
Me: I'm sorry, I'm a Muslim, I don't shake hands.
Him: *usually embarrassed*
Me: *embarrassed too* (though I shouldn't).

May Allah Give me Taufeeq to be stronger in my deen. Ameen.

Depressing news of the week:

Malala Yousufzai. Need I say more?

Amazing moments of the day:

1. Fajr time when we go to the masjid - it's cold and it's amazing :)
2. Maghrib time when we go to the masjid - it's cool, and the sun has set. It's beautiful.
3. Isha time when we go to the masjid - it's cold again and the recitation is beyond awesome! Alhamdulillah.
4. When I understand something in a paper :D.
5. Sipping coffee with a dull brain and then "reviving in minutes!"
6. Meeting a Muslimah and saying "Assalamulaikum" :).
7. Hearing Urdu being spoken in the masjid. Awesome.

Things to look forward to:


Thing which is empty due to the thing mentioned above:

1. My bank account. :D


Noor said...

hahahahhahahaha! @ last point! I was excited when I read you are coming to Pakistan.

Uni said...

Yar, you cannot even imagine how MUCH I'm looking forward to that. At times, I do feel bad about it too (for obvious reasons), but then, I do miss my family LOADS.

Thanks for dropping by :)

Tauqeer said...

Abhi to gyi thi ...

Muhammad Umer Toor said...

The details of the guy jumping can be found where? This is yet another miraculous event that muslims all over the world witness in their lives.

Uni said...

@Muhammad Umer Toor
I'm not sure whether his plane crash survival detail is to be found online. But his name is Shafi Motiwalla, and he survived the crash and converted to Christianity. So maybe you can google it and check.

Muhammad Umer Toor said...

My bad, i misread as if he converted to Islam. However, curious story. As Asad Zaman, who came back to Islam from athiesm, said that after the miracle - which saved his brother's life - he regretted making a deal with Allah! Exactly what Quran talks about the human nature that miracles can't just satisfy many