Friday, October 12, 2012

Droning on and on and on...


I normally am excited by this online course I'm taking, but the course has become so dry, so darn BORING, that I'm no longer interested. Network Analysis.. yuck! I was never interested in networks. Yeah, social network is interesting but only using it! The Math and "intuition" behind it is so un-exciting. It's like, the lady drones on and on and on, and I have to listen to that voice continuously.

No surprise, I'm behind on assignments!


One interesting incident. I attended a talk by this guy who survived a plane crash, and converted.

To Christianity. From Islam. He jumped out of the plane saying "Allah hu Akbar" .. and he survived (isn't that a miracle in itself?), and began being a better Muslim. Started reading Quran, and then started inviting Christians to Islam. Turned out he got convinced by them.


Things I have gotten used to now:

Incident: Person introduces himself and reaches out his hand to shake mine
Me: I'm sorry, I'm a Muslim, I don't shake hands.
Him: *usually embarrassed*
Me: *embarrassed too* (though I shouldn't).

May Allah Give me Taufeeq to be stronger in my deen. Ameen.

Depressing news of the week:

Malala Yousufzai. Need I say more?

Amazing moments of the day:

1. Fajr time when we go to the masjid - it's cold and it's amazing :)
2. Maghrib time when we go to the masjid - it's cool, and the sun has set. It's beautiful.
3. Isha time when we go to the masjid - it's cold again and the recitation is beyond awesome! Alhamdulillah.
4. When I understand something in a paper :D.
5. Sipping coffee with a dull brain and then "reviving in minutes!"
6. Meeting a Muslimah and saying "Assalamulaikum" :).
7. Hearing Urdu being spoken in the masjid. Awesome.

Things to look forward to:


Thing which is empty due to the thing mentioned above:

1. My bank account. :D