Friday, September 21, 2012

This Thursday...


This post is being wrenched out of me (for reasons that will be clear by the end of this write-up) only so that one fine day, when I have a life - I will look back on this post and think, "Did I really live through this?"

:) *rueful smile*

Let's begin recording. Timestamps and events.

Thursday - 20th September 2012 - 9/20/2012 [they write the month first here - took me a while to get used to this].

4.59 am - Eyes drooping, shoulders drooping, everything drooping, as I struggled to sit up on the bed and blearily tried (quite in vain) to understand the code that was being explained (quite patiently) to me.

5.00 am - Dropped to sleep

9.00 am - Got up, extremely saddened to have missed Fajr.

9.30 am - Prepared breakfast. Marinated fish for lunch.

10.00 am - Ate breakfast. Started to fair out the assignment to be submitted at 3pm today. Got stuck. Left it.

10.45 am - Left home to attend the weekly meeting of my lab.

11 - 12 - Attended the meeting.

12.30 pm - Came back home. Soaked daal.

12.45 - Started working on assignment again. Did it finally.

1 pm - Started work on grading assignments as part of my TA responsibility.

1.51 pm - Got up in a hurry to cook daal and fry fish.

2.15 pm - Lunch ready. Had lunch.

2.45 pm - Prayed Zuhr.

2.50 pm - Left home to attend class (at 3 pm).

3.05 pm - Entered class. Handed in assignment.

4.25 pm - Got free from class. Went to another building for another class starting at 4.35 pm.

4.35 pm - Entered class. Attended it.

5.55 pm - Left class to go pray asr at student center.

6.15 pm - Left student center to wait at bus stop for bus to take me to my lab.

6.25 pm - Bus arrived (the wait time is longer when it's after 6pm).

6.35 pm - Reached lab. Got coffee. Ate biscuits. Sugar level up. Caffeine level up.

7 pm - Started grading assignments.

8.10 pm - Prayed maghrib in lab.

8.20 pm - Resumed working.

10 pm - Car came to pick me up. Sat in car to go back (had to pick a friend on the way).

10.20 pm - Reached home.

10.30 pm - Was in kitchen to make rotis for dinner.

10.45 pm - Served dinner.

11.35 pm - Got farigh from washing dishes, cleaning stove, vacuuming kitchen. It was clean again! Shukkar!

11.40 pm - Prayed isha (had to recite Surah Kahf in it, so Isha was longer than usual).

12.00 midnight - Resumed working on grading again.

1.12 am - Blogging my exhausted brain out.

Maybe someday, I will be amazed by this kind of a day (which is becoming the norm now). Not to mention the flu which is not letting me go :S.

A human being can SERIOUSLY be stretched to quite a limit.

Comment of the day to me:
"Kia tum koi jinn ho?"

eh eh eh eh :D


Glow said...

wow mashAllah.. your energy has always amazed me!

thank God I did not have course work!

its good that u logged it all!

cleaning and vacuuming everyday!! wow mashAllah

make sure u dont exhaust urself in a short time u still have a long way to go!

Uni said...

You didn't??? Wow! That's like..amazing! Masha Allah! Sometimes I seriously wish the US system wasn't so very different from the doctoral education of Britain.

Vacuuming is done when mess is made in kitchen (and that means every other day - not every day) :).

Yeah I have to be careful, I know. The flu (I believe) is a product of exhaustion only .. besides the weather change of course :).

I should log today as well. I have a feeling it's different from last Thursday. Let's see.

Thanks for dropping by.

Glow said...

nopes i did not :D Thank God or i wud have never made it :P

hai the weather on that side of the world is so nice! i miss the cols :/

wud love to read that... that reminds me i have to start blogging too... but my schedule is so anti-blog :P its alot better than urs though :P

Uni said...

I never got the time to write that Thur's doings down. Will prolly do so next Thur? :) IA.

And my schedule is a lot anti-blog too. But you still get to read mine..


Thanks for dropping by.

Nasrullah said... are inspiring unproductive guys like me...may Allah swt protect your deen and keep you getting closer to Him with every moment, even in these busy times...may your pursuit of skills become a means for you getting closer to Allah swt's love and pleasure as well and never the other way...aameen!

Muhammad Umer Toor said...

Phew! There was a candy commerical with the tagline: "chalti jaye"

may allah provide you with more energy, motivation from his trasures

theDistractedsoul said...

Waow! I am impressed.. really.. its too much stress taking in one day..

Uni said...


What a name :p. And no need to be impressed. It was a one of a kind day which didn't happen too often :)

Thanks for dropping by!