Sunday, August 26, 2012

*Scratching Head*


This would be short. And strange.

Here I am with a pack of drumsticks, with weird white things on them. Turns out, they're skin (!!).

So here I am, with a pack of un-skinned drumsticks. I tried to be clever and peel them off but at the end of the leg (narrow part), it's stuck.

Funniest thing: I googled "How to skin drumsticks" and here is a PRECISE question on Yahoo! Answers:

Quick! How do you skin chicken legs?

I have no clue how to get the skin off. Pulling it off takes to long, and it isnt doing a very good job so I NEED HELP

Any easier way to skin a chicken leg?

Turns out somebody will always be in an exactly similar situation as you :D.

So if somebody else is in a similar situation, this was the best answer (which I'm going to go try out right now):

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

The quickest, easiest way I've found is to get some paper-towels ready (I usually tear them in half) first for good "grabbability."

I'm right-handed so I hold the small end of the leg in my left hand (using a
paper towel half), then I'll use another paper-towel half to grab the loose skin at the top of the leg and pull all the way down and off.
There's a little bit of stuff that kind of holds the skin to the leg near the top, so I kind of shove a paper-toweled finger under that area a bit when I first start to pull the skin down, and it gives fairly easily then is easy to pull.
I may also turn the leg around after that and hold by the fat end to completely pull the skin off the bottom part of the leg (or cut with kitchen scissors--but then have to use extra steps).
Once the paper-towel halves are no longer dry and grabbing well (usually after 2 or 3 passes), I toss that one and pick up another one.

I can de-skin chicken legs pretty darned fast now that I've got that figured out!

So long folks!


MAK said...

hmmmm easiest way....cook it with skin and peel it off while eating. If u are as lazy as me....eventually u will start eating it.

This bring me to the question that bugs me often....does KFC in Pakistan has skin on the chicken??

Uni said...

I think it's not healthy to cook with skin (as skin contains a rather large amount of fat).

I don't know about the KFC thing at all.