Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great Expectations (and greater confusions)

I am amazed by the amount of work expected from a PhD student in America. I mean, there surely has to be a distinction between PhD work and er, slavery.

It's nearly 3 am and I'm sitting here, solving an assignment which would not give me any credit, because I'm the TA for this course. So how can I grade, if I do not solve? 60 homeworks will be handed in tomorrow at midnight (gulp) IA, and they have to be graded within a week.

Not to mention, to be a TA for a course, you gotta take a 1-credit hour course which er, tells you how to be one. A TA I mean. Added to that, there is a TA orientation which I missed earlier (yay?) and the make-up orientation is supposed to happen tomorrow from 6 - 9pm, again, on the art of being a TA.

Nearly two weeks into the program and already, my past seems like a dream. A dream in which I was getting up lazily in the mornings, going to dinner invitations, wearing glitzy clothes and putting on makeup. And I had the time to play with bhanju wanju for hours.


The makeup sits quietly in a drawer, and the glitzy clothes are folded up and put away. Dinner invites are no longer on the cards, since you can't invite somebody sitting 8k miles away. Bhanju wanju has his own life, and here I am, working on an assignment, and wondering how all the project proposals, assignments, problem sets, classes and their associated courseworks are going to work out. All in 14 weeks.


Tazeen said...

You're superwoman.

I've been reading your blog for quite a while now. I know, I know, you'll figure something out or everything will fall into place miraculously, Insha'Allah!

Uni said...

*sad smile at the word 'superwoman'*
Sigh. There is actually no such thing as a superwoman. Or at least, it depends on whose perspective you're looking at.

The world thinks a superwoman is somebody who can manage everything - home, education, bringing up kids amazingly, earning a huge income all in one go.

If we look at the Islamic perspective, (I think) a superwoman would be somebody, who: Even though she has a LOT on her plate, doesn't let go of her connection with Allah (SWT) .. even for one minute.

Just a perspective.

Thanks for dropping by :)

Tazeen said...

That makes me think. Thank you. :)

Tauqeer said...

Yet you have time to blog:/ (Yay!)

Glow said...

wow best of luck.. trust me there is no difference between phd and slavery :P

Umair said...

MashaAllah. It is nice to know that you are a PhD student now.... May Allah bless you with more success. You should consider yourself lucky enough to be in top 0.5% of all Pakistanis..