Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Am I really here?

With all the ambitions and aspirations I had, and the arguments associated with it, it's no wonder I'm sitting here in a daze, in a room full of people (men mostly *sigh*), in the orientation for the graduate program.

There is a muted excitement in the air, as people are all hyped up to enter the computer science world and make breakthroughs (don't we all think we can?).

I can't help wondering (and I don't have that long to wonder, since my laptop doesn't last long on battery only and I can't place a power socket anywhere) how I landed in a place like this.

1. The last thing I am: techy
2. The difficult-most thing in the world for me: programming
3. Math is fun but doesn't come easily to me.

Yet, I'm in this room. I guess I will figure out the reason and purpose a few years later. Till then, PhD program, here we come (IA)



Anonymous said...

Wow!:) which university??!!

Tazeen said...

Masha'Allah, Uni baji! I was about to type "bohat bohat mubarak ho" then backspaced it for fear of sounding weird. =/


Uni said...

It actually is amazing when you think about all the positives and forget about the negatives.. :) Alhamdulillah!

Glow said...

WOW mashAllah!!! very impressive...