Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Beginning


This was always going to be a year of change. I knew that. A year back (lol). But I wasn't prepared for the extremity of the new-ness.

I now sit in a different room, a different house, a different neighbourhood, a different city and a different country.

A different country. That's the important bit.

Nothing is the same. Not even the clouds. You should check out the clouds here. That's the first thing I noticed about this city.

The second really really weird thing about here is the sun beating down at 7pm in the evening! Imagine that.

Thirdly, the length of fasts here! 5.20 am suhoor time ends, and fasting begins. Ends at 8.45 pm!!

Water is drunk directly from the taps. I still need to get used to that taste.

All nationalities converge in the masjid for iftaar and taraweeh.. :). Loved that bit!

Welcome to America.


Noor said...

have fun uni baji. stay blessed. :) lots of prayers for you.

Ash said...

Adapting to change may seem difficult at is gradual but you adjust to life...May Allah help you(Ameen)
Best Wishes!

(Btw when I read the world 'America' above immediately i thought of the awesome lectures of Noman Ali Khan that you usually post on your blog, talking sometimes from the viewpoint of Muslim lives and circumstances in America!! :)

Glow said...

best of luck. it takes time to adjust and when thats done u will love it :)

Uni said...

Jazakillah :)

Ameeeen! And Jazakillah so much :). I really want to adjust fast! But it's a slow gradual process :S.

Yeah, those lectures are really good. I'm just about to post one more by him which I heard today after sehri. It's really worth listening to :)