Monday, June 4, 2012


There are times when I wonder: Why were weekends created? The normal answer would be --> To relax after a week's worth of hard work and job etc.

My answer would be (at least today): To make life M I S E R A B L E.
That's why Sundays (at least) are created.

Most probably since the departure is now almost two weeks away, people are getting all tension-ated, and hot-tempered in my locality. You cannot blame anything else. Even loadshedding takes a break on Sundays. A blessing indeed. But sadly forgotten in the misery.

I thoroughly wish two weeks would pass by, and everybody breathes easy.*scowls very deeply*
Today was the June 3rd Livedeen event with Shaikh Omar Suleiman as the speaker. I was so so so so excited in the morning. I had two reasons to be excited.
1. My whole family was going with me and I love the early morning drive with them.
2. My AFT-ness was coming to an end.

Life was so amazing. In the morning I mean :(.

And then? Everything came crashing down starting right from when we reached Marriott. So what happened was that I had nobly brought tickets for all the friends and family members I had contacted. And now? Almost all of them ditched it. Nobody turned up, except my own family, and two other people. So basically, I had 7 empty tickets in my hand, calling my cousin again and again, to no avail. Till this hour, my messages are not responded to. I have no idea why he and his friends backed out.

Life is awesome.

Then the event began. The topic was on Muslim Identity - Who are we? And what's our real face? We wear so many masks depending on our location and our company. What's our real natural mask? So these are important (in fact crucial) questions that need to be addressed in the Muslim community. The speaker was really knowledgeable and considering that his time (in the USA) was from 12 midnight to 4 am... it was a huge favor on his part to be sitting in that chair, and speaking to us all.

There were sound issues. Many people weren't able to understand the Shaikh. I could make out his words, but the thing is that concentrating so much on the words, makes us not concentrate on connecting the paragraphs, and so, many of us wondered what the speech content had to do with the topic. Anyway, I learned a lot. And I guess that's what matters.

I was (and this is becoming a routine now) pretty disappointed again that my question went ignored. And this time, there wasn't any excuse of multiple questions. The questions were being moderated (Thank the Lord) and my question was clearly "politically incorrect" - pun so intended. Sigh.

I'm amazed that we're told to focus so much on our identity of the self - and nobody wants to touch upon our collective identity as a Muslim Ummah. Guess they don't wanna get in trouble yeah.

Anyway. It was an average experience. I still am pretty disappointed so many tickets went empty -  I was even willing to give 'em away for free. But nobody was interested even then.

And the 'evening and night' was just the 'icing' on the cake. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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P.S. AFT stands for Anxious Flight Tracker

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