Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tis the Night Before

Before I leave home...

Only to come back on visits...

Small, infrequent visits...

It's too overwhelming a thought.

Life kinda seems overwhelming at the moment. I should sleep. Tomorrow is a big big day (IA). But how can I sleep without recording this moment. This last night.

When I'm sitting here in my space, typing away on the laptop, using my Mobilink Infinity (which so doesn't live up to it's name!). Typing away, wincing occasionally because of my tattooed hands.

What else do you call arms that are filled up to (nearly) the elbows.


Anyway, this henna applying business is a tedious one.You gotta sit, and sit and sit, all the while making small talk and pretending to be oh-so-interested in the mehendi lady, where she has learned the skill from, how long has she worked at Meena Bazaar, and what other silly things people put on their mehendi-ed hands.

Man, the nerve!

The mehendi lady said that there are certain young ladies who get them to write their husband-to-be's names on their hands, hidden in a way that it's not easily apparent.

*rolls her eyes*. Let's play puzzle, shall we.


The consolation factor here is that this is going to be over! IA. Tomorrow!

At least everybody in my house will breath easily.




Glow said...

upto elbows uff... its once in a lie time experience!

Uni said...

Yeah.. a not-so-comfy-experience!

My hands still itch. That mehendi was corrupt!

Glow said...

ahan.. lol @ corrupt!!