Sunday, May 27, 2012

What an absolutely wonderful message! :)

Dear Sister ♥

Stop searching for your prince charming …
Make ALLAH the Only King of your heart,
And HE will complete your fairy tale In Shaa ALLAH...!!!

Your heart should be so lost in ALLAH
That your other half must seek HIM in order to find you....

Through sincere Duaa and through his Righteousness ♥ :)



Nasrullah said...


Must seek HIM "in order to" find you...

sorry for being the spoilsport...but not very comfortable with the niyyat there...thats why this sinner always depends on ahle haq scholars and ahle haq sufi greats' ashaar...anyway, once he seeks and finds HIM, he will himself be not very bothered to find anyone else anymore...everything, even the "her" will be for HIS obedience and raza...

sigh...the case of lovers...may Allah swt bless me with atleast an iota of sincerity....aameen!

Uni said...


Sure, if somebody prays to Allah thinking that this will get him/her a spouse, then obviously, there is something wrong with the niyyah here.

The point was to shift the focus away from worrying about these things, to worrying about our relationship with Allah (SWT), the reward of which is that Allah (SWT) will Grant us the best of relationships.


Nasrullah said...

ok...the point is good...sorry I didn't understand it that way...I had seen these lines somewhere else before and I felt they are good at an emotional level but perhaps aren't correct enough...anyway, got your point!...may Allah swt bless us all with His true khwaja sab rah says..

Hum tum hi bas aagah hain is rabt-e-khafi se
ma'loom kisi aur ko yeh raaz nahi hai
tum sa koi humdum koi dumsaaz nahi hain..
baatein to hain har dum magar aawaaz nahi hai..