Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Extremely Sad and Horrifying - May Allah (SWT) Help them! Ameen!


This is something horrifying I just came to know a few minutes back. I'm copy-pasting the story below. It's posted by Yasmin Mogahed hence it's something I trust and think is true.


Dear brothers and sisters, I really need your help. I have a dear friend, Tayyaba Beg whose family has been hit by tragedy. Due to a rare genetic disease (MPS), starting at the age of 3, her daughters went from being completely normal, to slowly losing, one by one, their ability to walk, see, eat, talk, and even swallow. Now they live in wheelchairs and on oxygen tanks. I have gotten the humbling honor to visit Tayyaba and her family in their home, and it was one of the most shaking experiences of my life. Tayyaba is up day and night caring for her kids (may Allah grant her and her family the highest jennah) and they cannot afford these overwhelming expenses. Tayyaba and her family are drowning in debt due to the monthly medical expenses and equipment. They desperately need new wheel chairs, which cost $2000 and up because their old ones are giving them bruises due to being too tight. Just one bill for a surgery her daughter had is $8000. They are required to move, but cannot do so until their debts are filled! Please donate generously and share widely.
By: Yasmin Mogahed

They have set up a donation page here:

You can go here, and donate some small amount and maybe our small contributions can help this family get back on its feet and help these three little girls.

May Allah Protect us all, Ameen!


Tauqeer said...

Has anyone tried to donate using this link? It looks to me as it only accept payments from US.

Uni said...

Yes, this is for those who have a US bank account.

If you have a Paypal account, you can pay via this method. I just did so I know it works!

1. Go to and click on “Send Money”

2. Enter the amount in United States Dollars and select “Family and Friends”

3. Enter to send to the following email:

I selected the 'Gift' option, because this payment is a gift.

Jazakallah and hope this helps!