Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why am I scared?


Today is the thesis defense of my really really good friend G. PhD thesis defense! *actually scared and nervous*.

Rational self : Why are you scared?
Me: Errr. As if I know.
Rational self: Get a grip and pray for her.
Me: Did so, and will do IA.

I just hope it passes soon!! It's been drawing out long enough now! And that she sails through it with flying colors! I hate time differences :(.

Rational self: *slyly* : There's another reason why you're scared?
Me: No, just nervous and hopeful that the test goes well.
Rational self: It's a midterm.
Me: Yeah whatever. I pray it goes well. I really hate time differences :(

Two friends. One defense, and one midterm. Both really important.

Please say "ameen" to these two things. Jazakallah (in advance) :)

1. Let G's thesis defense go smoothly, let not her eyes water, and let her shoes be okay. Let her examiner not be evil, and let her get the doctorate!! Ameeeen!
2. Let M's midterm go smoothly, and let it result in a huge score Ameen!

So long folks.


Ahmar said...

Hmm...So how did they go?

Uni said...

They both went very well, Alhamdulillah.