Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homemade pizza: The taste of bitter disappointment


The title really sets the mood doesn't it. *quite morose*.

Today was the kind of day a researcher faces, when s/he works exceptionally hard for a number of months, only to discover that whatever the theory being worked upon was, is totally bogus. So all those months of hard work amounts to...

Anyway. So a friend's mom (let's call her Aunty S) was coming over today for something. I had decided to make homemade pizza for the very first time. Aunty S called up in the morning, and said that she has to go to head office today from work, so she won't be able to stay. Disappointed that she wouldn't actually be able to taste the (tasty, oh my modest assumptions) chicken fajita pizza - but I was still okay and had planned pack it up and give it for my friend and her adorable son.

Alright. So I had taken out the recipe for chicken fajita pizza from here, and had planned to get ingredients at around 10am. Thank the Lord I checked whether we have all-purpose flour (maida) or not. The pack which I thought was maida in the house, was actually (blush) besan.

Anyway, I went on a hurried shopping trip. Aunty S had said that she will be here by 3 to 3.15pm. I had to cook (for lunch) too, today and this was kaafi hurriedly done between 10.15 am to 11.am.

Now, I'll write in terms of timelines. That way, it's more torturous to read! I want to remember this day forever. [So that if I am ever disappointed about something in the future, all I have to do, is read this blog post and remember that there was a day when I was equally {if not more} disappointed].

11 am: Got ingredients from shops.
12:10 pm: Made dough, added yeast and other stuff. Cling-wrapped it. Left it.
12.15 pm: Marinated the boneless chicken in spices.
12.30 pm: Went with Mom to get some stuff.
1.10 pm: Returned. Saw dough. It had swollen to twice its size! (still awed by that sight). Okay I was making pizza for the first time and had used yeast for the first time too! *defensively*
1.30: Finished reshaping dough, cling-wrapped it again and put it away again for half an hour.
1.45: Finished boiling tomatoes (for the sauce). Added them to cold water so peels came off. Transferred them to frying pan with spices to make sauce.
1.50: Got marinated chicken out, stir fried it with spices. Till done.  Had to be cooled.
2.00 pm: Sauce done. Had to be cooled.
2.10 pm: Both cooled. Took out dough, spread it in the pan. Added cheese and sauce, chicken pieces, and more cheese, and bell peppers on top.
2.20 pm: Popped it in the oven. It had to be baked for 25 minutes.

Perfect :).

Oh yeah?

2.25 pm: Cell phone rang. I picked up. It was Aunty S. At the door!
2.30 pm: Aunty S hurriedly did the work. And went away.

2.35 pm: All my dreams were crushed.

Okay, I should stop being melodramatic. But really, if you were cooking something for the first time, knowing perfectly well you're not supposed to eat that, and making it for somebody else with uncanny motivation, wouldn't you feel crushed that the person never got to taste it?

So there I was. With my beautiful pizza. Still baking in the oven. Not ready yet. And i didn't even want to take it out anymore. I was too busy trying to find corners in the house that weren't occupied.

Bad move. But Alhamdulillah, I got it out just in time. The 25 minutes, turned to 35 minutes in fact. Sigh. So it was a little crunchy from the bottom. But other than that, sigh. It was yummilicious.

My Dad was so sweet about it Masha Allah :). He was like, "Koi bat nahi, hum kha laitay hain."

I was like.. 

Everybody tried to be as disappointed as I am. Lol. But nobody can (realistically) be disappointed about a scrumptious pizza that's sitting right there, staring at them in the face and whispering, "Eat me. Eat me. I'm chewy and cheesy."


Tazeen said...

Pizza's good whichever way it is! :D

Crunchy bottom? Maybe you over-heated the oven. But some people (read, mum!) actually like the crunchiness. Oh well. My mouth's drooling!

Tauqeer said...

In my opinion, it was a brave decision to start with. Usually people do not experiment with new dishes when guests are expected... :)

Uni said...

Well, mine wasn't THAT great. People were a bit more vocal with their criticisms one day later *mournfully*.

I kept it in the oven for a bit longer than the stated time, yeah. That was why it was a little crunchy from the bottom. And from next time, I'm boiling the chicken before putting it in. It stayed hard (and got harder the next day) :S:S

Mohammad Zafar said...

Home Pizza...better luck next time...My mouth is also started drooling.. :)