Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Upcoming LiveDeen Event


I have never ever in my life seen or imagined this kind of a response to this kind of an event in Karachi, Pakistan: Take a look!

 Have you ever seen something like this?

No! This is not a Lawn Exhibition! This isn't a fashion show or a concert. This is an Islamic lecture-shop (combo of lecture and workshop) to be held tomorrow Insha Allah! I so pray and hope the turbulent peace of the city remains in existence tomorrow Ameen.

When this lecture was announced, I tried to convince my whole family and Alhamdulillah, they all are coming tomorrow to this event ! *so happy keh buss nahi*. It's amazing and wonderful when one's family is all on one plane :), Alhamdulillah. Attending these kinds of workshops is something that becomes more enjoyable when your family is involved (equally!) and then you can all sit down and discuss the stuff you heard. Awesome, I tell you. May Allah Grant us families whose wavelengths match with us and may that wavelength match to the wavelength set by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Ameen.

So 9.30 am tomorrow it is folks. And this makes it a weekend of workshops. Why? *broad grin*. Because I attended another one today. Not physically, because the situation in Karachi was terrible - all shops closed and especially the volatile area where I live in, the situation was really bad. Hence, I attended the workshop online.

It was conducted by Shaikh Kamaluddin and the audience comprised ladies only. The scholar was talking about the intellectual history of Islam, and the title of the workshop was "The Islamic Scholarly Tradition." There is so much to learn out there :(. I found out so much today, I can't tell you. If Zaynab Academy gives me permission to reproduce the notes online, I'd like to share them with the world, they were so useful. Most importantly, these are things we don't even know much about. Things like:

1. How the process of ijtehaad is done. With a live example!
2. How the scholars have approached 'ilm' (learning) about the deen.
3. How do we select, from the abundance of knowledge available, and the correct approach towards contradictory opinions of renowned scholars.
4. Why do scholarly differences exist in the first place?
5. Do we have the right to interpret Hadith the way we want? Or we should follow the muhaditheen? (this is one contemporary issue, that surely needs a lot of research before we can arrive at a final answer).

And more!

It was enlightening. Only, that the electricity went out for two hours (we have so far celebrated 4 earth hours! *dark scowl*) and I missed the workshop in between. But insha Allah, I can get hold of the notes and recordings and fill the gaps which occurred today.

May Allah Grant us the taufeeq to study the deen, and get ilm of both worlds, Ameen!

PS: Muhaditheen = scholars of Hadith

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