Sunday, March 18, 2012



Forgive me for the randomness, the rants and *searching for another r*, the really-idiotic post.

The day started pretty great, but went downhill since. Worst, I can't even admit to myself...WHY (forget about admitting to others). Isn't it sad, when you hide from truths so badly that you can't even bring yourself to admit them? Isn't it just plain-as-day idiotic?

The match didn't help matters. Thank the Lord I didn't watch it. I didn't spare time for it. But since I had the live scores open and was checking the score sporadically, it didn't do much for my general depression.

I should be droopy right now. But... sleep somehow has gone! Gone to sleep. *chortle*.

I have learned some lessons in life [lol].

1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Translation: Don't tell all your secrets to one human. It might not prove to be fruitful in the long run. [or even short].

2. Don't try to outsmart your Mom.

3. Try not to sneak away with some chocolate and then have people laugh at you later.

4. Don't think society is going to change miraculously and do as you wish and care for your feelings.

5. Try not to equate people's expectations with your high ambitions in life.

6. Scowling usually doesn't help.

7. Don't bend over backwards for people. Your back might not be supported, and this may prove to be a er, back-breaking experience *another chortle*

8. Try not to be so sad about other people's 'delusions'  - if they choose to think God as a 'delusion', it's none of your damn heart's business.

9. Find some healthy past-times in life. YouTube is not healthy.

10.  Free your mind with insane thoughts by going a bit insane with kids and all. Tickling lil kids and hearing them guffaw is a good idea.

11. At the end of 'it all', loyalties will lie where they always lie. At the end of 'it all', you're still YOU, and you're still alone.

So long folks.

I think I'm just being a sour hen because somebody asked about my 'dieting' in public (and all eyes turned to me). It doesn't help that those eyes (kind of) showed skepticism. It also does not help when I know how hard a life I'm having (not to mention my stomach, which has to bear boiled egg or that vile thing called Oatibix every morning).

I also think I'm just being an ultra sour hen (like a hen which has swallowed a basket of lemons), because nobody seems to react positively to my doctoral aims. I get this 'look' which says plainly...

1. YOU?


3. You think you're actually going to do it?

4. Yeah right!

4 arrows in one blow, people.

So long!


Glow said...

cheer up!! things will improve inshAllah :)

and you shud not trust one person with all ur secrets! :)

and well i have stopped to challenge mommy/daddy dear on many issues :P

Uni said...

I really hope and pray so insha Allah.

I know. That's what I got to learn recently :D

And lolzz, yeah I forget and then I get reminded of their smartness again and again :)

Thanks for the kind comment :)