Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Loooong time!


Yes, it's been a looong time since I wrote (really wrote) on this blog. Somehow, the affinity I once used to have for blogging has dwindled. I don't quite know the reason. It's weird to experience weird stuff and not think, "I have GOT to blog about this one!"

But I can't say I don't miss it.

Anyway, it never took me so long to think about writing a post, and then think more (lol) while writing one! Ever. It's weird, I tell you.

Enough about me.

Bhanju's antics have been growing by the day, and so is his vocab. There were times when his talk wouldn't make any sense. But now, the talk is so LOUD, and so DEMANDING, and so INSISTENT, that one cannot help BUT UNDERSTAND what this child is trying to say.

One thing I have learned by observing him, which I'd like to pass on to others who have not had the parental journey yet. Your kid is your Big Brother :p. S/he is ALWAYS watching you. Once, my sister was saying something to her husband. The kiddo was asleep. She said something on the lines of "Please, this has to be done, please!"

And there was an audible 'peeez' heard from below. Startled, she looked down and saw that the kiddo was still fast asleep, but had mumbled out the word :s.

Point is, the kids are always watching. So if you want them to turn out to be a person you like, BE the person you like. Unless you're the person you want your kid to be, the kid will never ever turn out that way.

Hope we succeed in the tarbiyah of our kids, and may they be the source of sadaqah-e-jariya for us in the Hereafter. Ameeen!

PS: One of my best friends is getting married in May :D:D. Congrats to her. And the fun thing is that I've never met her !! [online friend], and the best part is that I just might attend her wedding to be held in KP insha Allah. Not bad huh? :D


Glow said...

bhanju is very very interesting... and yes i agree you have to be very very very careful infront of kids you have to watch each step, word and action!!

wow thats great I am sure she wud love it.. if u attend.. she might already be over the moon at ur "might attend" :)

Uni said...

Definitely Masha Allah :). And yeah, it's a huge responsibility and there aren't many who realize this, and there are many who give up pretty soon because of all the hectic-ness associated with parenting.

Yeah I am really hoping to attend :), Insha Allah. It would be awesome to meet her at laaasssttt! :p

Thanks for dropping by!!

Glow said...