Saturday, March 24, 2012

Insomnia Inspired

As the night stretches its arms
I stare in the blinding darkness

There is no respite
There is no escape
The truth is right there
Something, I just have to face

YouTube can prove
A temporary distraction
At the end of the day
There is no escape

The wind howls through the night
The sound scary and sad
I think back to my life
The life I just had

Not a care in the world
Not a worry on my shoulders
Now suddenly thrown in disarray
Among unknowns rocks and boulders

I wish things had been different
Maybe I could have been grateful
But wishing now is of no real use
The journey starts, all ready, all fateful.

Copyright Uni Insomniacoony 2012


Zeba said...

Insomnia inspired are the best.

Uni said...

Yeah, I guess :)