Friday, March 30, 2012

Herculean Day


Suddenly feeling the urge to spill the day out of my system brought me running to the blog. Not exactly running *grin*, more like staggering. After all, it was a herculean day. Btw, I've heard of herculean tasks, not days. But today can be described in no other terms.

Err, I'm sure people have tougher days *scolds her self-involved-self*, but seriously, I was tested today.

Anyway, the day began at Fajr. I could hardly get up. No surprise though. I was up till nearly 3 last night, reading my eyes out (and that too, a really creepy novel). May Allah Enable me to give up allll lahw-o-la'abs in my life, Ameen!

After Fajr, staggered back to bed, and slept till erm, 9? Was woken up by a phone call. Boy, did I pick up the phone with over-sleepy hope or what.

So anyway, the next thing I knew, there were voices of 'Uunii Kaalaaa' as the door of my bedroom was thrown open, and my bhanju wanju ran inside the room, and obviously (lol) tried to wake me up. I don't think I appreciate 'Kaala' all that much. So I'm trying make him un-learn the whole Khala concept. And just make him stick with Uni Aala. I love the combo! :)

Acha, a hasty breakfast later (during which Chotu was up to his best tricks --> read, total mayhem), I horsed around the house, played 'pakram-pakraai' and with 'pay-doh' (play dough) and made 'pur pur baloon' (purple balloon) out of it. :P

The heat was incredible today :(. So we decided to get Chotu a kiddie pool. Man, was he excited by the whole concept or what :D. So me and sis the priss set out, and after a very eventful trip (which also involved buying his school bag and bottle --> yes, the lil 2.5 year old starts pre-school on Monday IA), we came back home. I opened the kiddie pool box, and out came a heavily-folded rubbery contraption.

I realized two things at the same time.

1. We gotta inflate the pool.
2. We got no pump in the house.

The third realization weighed heavy on my chest [pun so intended, and you'll understand why in a second].
3. I got a pair of lungs.

:S. So off I began...puffing and blowing, and watching with utter dismay the huge rubbery thing still flapping around. The wisps of air my poor lungs were pumping into it apparently, weren't enough. Chotu was getting mad with impatience. I think I did a solid half hour of pure blowing. I can become a professional balloon-blower, I realized :D.

This is the final result of my puffing and blowing :). The pool was a huge success. Bhanju was elated, and didn't want to come out of it even after more than an hour!

He had a ball of a time MA.

After that, in the afternoon, I just couldn't take a nap [though I thought I sorely needed one]. Unable to stand tossing and turning, I got up and left the house. To this Quran class, held nearby :). Masha Allah. Was a wonderful experience. My tired brain was enjoying the lecture so much, I almost didn't notice that my 1.5 hour promise was up (I had left the house after promising Mom I'll be back in 1.5 hours).

Then, had to go drop back sis the priss. This was done and the long journey was enjoyable but yeah, I was slowly running out of battery.

When we came home, we found out that a very close relative has been hospitalized, and we had to go see her. Guess who was the driver :p. Another looong journey. But before that :p, had to cook and Chotpo was very generous, as she made food and stuff for the person we were visiting in the hospital. After all that cooking, we left the house again, and went to the hospital.

Came back, a while back. [err, light is about to go, so I'll just publish this].

A poem to round off the post then?

As the rift between us grows
I try to smile more
And not let it show

As the future looms closer
I laugh a little louder
And not let it show

As my words become useless
My brain becomes hopeless
I try not to confess

For if I did confess
The rift would grow more
And cause more hearts
To distance themselves

Copyright Uni_Really_Stupidoony_2012


Noor said...

hahahhahah! awesomeeeee!:D

Uni said...

:D Now that I think about it, it sure was an awesome experience!

Glow said...

ala is sooooooooooooooo much better!!!

sigh... to herculean days!

my my!!! inflating THAT thing oooh God!!! uuuffffffffffff

u can make a living out of it :P

n plz cheer up!!

Uni said...

Ala is surely muchhh better :D. It's grown on me man!

And lolz, you have some experience with herculean days huh :P

Lolz, yeah I realized that :D.

But I'm a lil curious. What shows I'm not cheered up? :S