Sunday, February 12, 2012

A time like this...


I should probably sleep. Understatement of the century, it is.

Life in pictures.

These days, I'm totally...

Although I'm supposed to be...

The last 1-2 weeks have been a ...

And I think I am quite overwhelmed by the word...

You know, I have done this a lot in life..

And I now realize how wrong I was...and how...impatient..

I used to grumble about stuff, and didn't realize that life has strange things for us...all of us..

A long wait doesn't necessarily imply that everything is over.

An amazing present doesn't mean it's going to last forever.

:). Life's a series of ups and downs. And it's up to us to realize how best we can react/respond to our circumstances at the time.

I am finally embarking on the doctoral journey, Insha Allah. Scary? You bet! :)

And I can't thank Allah SWT enough for the opportunity enough. Nor can I ever repay some awesome  people in my life.


Glow said...

umbarak sha!!!!! (pushtoo for mubarik hooo)

awesomeeeeeee news mashAllah :D

I want a treat :)

Uni said...

Umbarak sha to you too :):) Heheheh.

And Jazakillah!

Well, let me send you a virtual one :p. What would you like, a basket of organic products (blegh) or a basket of chocolates? (yippee)


Glow said...

na.. u dont get to give me options... i will opt for something and u have to grant that :D

Uni said...

Lolz. You can opt for anything you want :)..

How about a basket of soap? *lost in the fantasy*


Roshni said...

likewise! =(

Uni said...


:).. Really? :)


Umair said...

InshaAllah you will be a PhD doctor!

(or dont tell me, that u already are????)

Umair said...

and i love the way u explain things with the help of pictures.. its just simply unbeatable. :)