Monday, January 16, 2012

Random and Disjointed

Just some stuff floating in my brain:

1. If I don't think about it too long and too hard, it probably wouldn't affect much.

2. Life's twists and turns are only going to end when you leave the world.

3. Intelligence isn't that you achieve amazing grades throughout your life. It's actually doing your best to gain the best in the Hereafter.

4. The greatest peace of the mind and heart is attained when you're closest to your Creator, Allah the Almighty.

5. Badminton isn't as easy as it looks. Nothing is.

6. We underestimate a lot of things, but the most important thing which everybody underestimates is the Holy Quran.

7. Life will never hand you lemons to make lemonade. You gotta find the lemons too.

8. It's not that great a deal if one has never made shaami kebab in their lives.

9. Leaving the country is what most people want. There should be some attraction to it.

10. It's entirely possible for the heart to feel like it's overfull, and can't take in more feelings and emotions.

11. Meeting new people in life is normal. It's part of life. It's not supposed to be scary.

12. Appreciation is inherent in human beings. We crave it.

13. If one 'rises above' material needs, then it is entirely possible to have a very peaceful life.

14. People will never have time for you. Only those will, who really really care.

15. Blogging (for a blogger) can become a distant part of a past life. It's normal.

16. If one laughs too hard, there can be an inherent danger to break out crying.

17. When the greed for power is the only 'kick', then the leader will let even his close aides fall - and watch calmly - anything for his own power to remain intact.

18. When you're different enough, you may be deemed 'crazy'.

19. Being 'horizontal' is never ever the same as being 'vertical' in life. 

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majworld said...

very true and thoughtful points..enjoyed reading them.