Monday, January 2, 2012

At least somebody said something :)

And I quote:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Fate of Israel peace treaty may be decided in referendum

Referring to the issue of recognizing Israel, al-Bayoumi said that the Muslim Brotherhood was not required to recognize Egypt's neighbor to the north, saying that Israel was an "occupying entity and we will not allow anyone of our members to meet with an Israeli." 

"I won't allow myself to meet with a criminal and there's no chance that we'll cooperate with Israel," the Egyptian official said. 

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I still have hope in Egypt. It's a nation that's not bothered by the divisions we are foolishly involved with. All Egyptians are Egyptians. They may be divided politically, but not really on religion-basis. There is no Barelvi Egyptian, or Deobandi Egyptian, etc etc. Another cool thing is: they're mostly literate. So they make educated decisions and revolt against corrupt leaders with a clear goal in mind. Nothing is 'aeween mein' ..

I hope the Brotherhood remains true to its word and gets Egypt out of the problems (and the secular army's stronghold) it's currently  involved in. Ameen!


Tauqeer said...

"There is no Barelvi Egyptian, or Deobandi Egyptian, etc etc."

I am not sure about that...

Glow said...

the perception abt the society in Egypt that I had before the revolution was liek what you have written... but now what i hear from friends is that factions are appearing as christians... islamists and neutrals etc! the situation in Egypt is not that great now!

Uni said...

Please confirm this then. I have heard that these divisions exist within the subcontinent only.

Well, elections always do divide people in terms of the parties yeah? And in this case, there was an Islamic party, a strict Islamic party and secular ones. So I guess it is to be expected.

But since the majority voted for Brotherhood, and huge numbers of Egyptians turned up to vote, thus it can be assumed that a majority of Egyptians want Islamic rule. The situation isn't that great because the army first refused to hold elections, which triggered another bout of protests (and much killing) :(..

And even now, the army is reluctant to hand over power to the Brotherhood, cuz obviously, they're scared of the 'Islamic' rule.

Thanks all for dropping by.

Glow said...

I am not talking about the elections i am talking about the general public and its effects on the public..

Plus the people are very unhappy with the state of affairs and I am talking about the religious educated class.. they r looking for ways and means of leaving teh country and getting away from the situation..

Tauqeer said...

Well if not Barelvi, or Deobandi, they have a vast differences on religious interpretation across the society based on Sufism and Salafi form of Islam. Then they have considerable number of Coptic Christians, who runs their stuff almost in complete isolation from rest of the society.

The parent company of Mobilink(Pakistan), is Orascom (wiki:Naguib Sawiris), which is owned and operated by Coptic Christians. If you ask any ordinary Egyptian, he would tell you that all the key posts in the company are help by Coptics only.

And again coming back to divisions in Muslims, Sufi vs Salafi is a huge difference. Sufis don't mind mixing of men and women whereas Salafis do not accept it at all. Even in Egypt they have festivals at shrines and then very strict interpretation by Salafis having their own mosques.

Ideology followed by OBL was also influenced from work of 'Muhammad Qutb', an Egyptian scholar.

Uni said...

I'm a little surprised at this because I heard something completely different. I heard that the Arab spring was participated in, collectively by the people. Few differed.

Also, the recent elections showed that a majority of the folks wanted a certain type of rule, and they managed to elect those parties only (first and second positions went to the Islamic parties). Plus, the turnout was huge. I don't see how the religious educated class are dissatisfied right now, unless they are dissatisfied at their army and its attempts to enforce its ideals/rules and not respect the public opinion.

Uni said...

I agree with this that the Egyptian society has the said differences based on religion but even so, a difference between Christians and Muslims is a completely understandable one.

And if the Muslim faction is just further divided into Sufis (moderate Islam) and Salafis (non-moderate Islam) .. then that difference is again, not so divisive, as the one we have here!

I mean, think about it. Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims is an understandable difference.. but Sunni Muslims having several further subdivisions each having its own masjid, is a large large difference in society!

Anonymous said...

lol @ aeween mein... :)

Tauqeer said...

Well I guess Sufis and Salafis have their own mosques as well? and ain't both Sunni forms of Islam?