Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Time for Resolutions?

Resolutions can (and should) be made all the time. Helps keep one focused. But for some strange reason, the end of a year - and the beginning of the next, sparks a new zest for making a 'fresh start', 'undo' some of the wrongs, and make a list or a plan to put things right. I found an inspiring list of things in this article. It's a slideshow titled '8 Tips To Revive Your Religious Life In The New Year'. The first slide was the most inspiring one and I quote:
12. Do something really nice -- that no one knows about.
11. Spend more money on other people than I spend on my self. Love my neighbor as I love myself. And love myself as I love my neighbor.
10. Laugh often... especially at advertisements that try to convince me that I must buy more stuff in order to be happy.
9. Learn a new life skill - like carpentry, pottery, or canning vegetables. Teach someone else I life skill I know how to do.
8. Love a few people well, remembering that what is important is not how much we do but how much love we put into doing it.
7. Write a letter to someone I need to say thank you to. Write another letter to someone I need to ask to forgive me.
6. Track down a critic or someone I disagree with and take them to lunch. Listen to them.
5. Compliment someone I have a hard time complimenting... and mean it.
4. Choose life. Do something regularly to interrupt the patterns of injustice - do something to end violence, bullying, war, capital punishment and other mean and ugly things.
3. Pause before every crisis and ask "will this matter in 5 years?"
2. Get outside often and marvel at things like fireflies and shooting stars. And regularly get my hands into the garden... so when I type on the computer I can see dirt under my fingernails.
1. Believe in miracles. And live in a way that might necessitate one.
This year was important in so many ways. My life as a 'student' finally came to an end. The next phase (if any) hasn't materialized yet, nor does it seem to. My family became extremely kind, gentle and flexible this year. Alhamdulillah, the increase in knowledge this year for me, far outdid the previous years. Again, close friends and family came into play a lot. There is a long way to go, still.

I have hope for the next year. Insha Allah.

Pakistan's fate showed no signs of being good for the public. The same murders, target killings, family violence, acid burnings, rape/molestation, and other forms of abuse ruled the year. 2011 did not bring any hope that this would change for the better. The government remains impassive, silent, yielding (towards the outsiders), and hard-hearted towards their public, the army remains divided.. between the thinkers, and the leaders, corruption remains rampant at every level of society and the news consistently shows death, unrest, destruction and corruption. It seems every ounce of happiness has been sucked out from the general public opinion.

The one thing people could cling to, as 'the last hope alive' was the Imran Khan series that began in 2011. The youth, left and right, were found saying ONE thing, 'He's the person whom we believe can bring about SOME change in this chaos.'

What  makes them believe that? I think the answer lies in the general helplessness society feels at the hand of so much injustice happening in the country/abroad. There seems to be no other way out. The victory of the World Cup '92 is still fresh in the minds of the people who want to see the same Pakistan as a world champion on the social/economic/political front. Many speculate that this is the way forward, the way to progress and the way to something better than... the present.

Let's see what 2012 brings.

May Allah Enable us to understand what our problems are, and seek out the correct solutions. May He Enable us to learn beyond what the education of this country is offering us, to strive in the path of learning about His Deen, to strive to impart that  knowledge, and to balance the striving for the dunya, with the struggle for the aakhirah. Ameen, Ya Rabb Al-Aalameen.


Glow said...

all the best for this year!! :)

the student phase never ends :) you are always learning one thing or the other...

I like the 12 points... simple living is the key... simple is blissful i think.. i wud love to stay in a cottage far far away from all the strangeness of the world... and help ppl :)

Uni said...

All the best to you too :)

Yeahh. I know! But the 'sitting in classroom' thingie has officially come to an end :p. Unless I somehow manage to do PhD and do courses and all.

The cottage imagination is so cool .. wish that could happen! Sigh!

Glow said...

thank you!

Yeah i know.... welcome to the non-class attending league :P

I know but i can imagine :d there is no limit to imagination :P

Uni said...

:) yeah! I'm going to miss that phase though. Lol.. yeah. It's a very beautiful imagination.