Friday, December 2, 2011

So Inspiring :)


In the course of doing work for my thesis defense and the AI homework (this week's homework was a nightmare), I often find myself deviating from the 'boredom' and moving on to some interesting things in life.

And try not to think about the fact that I have made just 10 introductory slides for my thesis defense, and I'm relaxed now because it'll be held on the 12th, and not the 10th :S. May Allah Help me. Ameen.

Okay, the following two videos are just 5-6 minutes in duration. I strongly recommend them. They are a pretty good reminder of what's happening to our younger generation (and ours too) today. It's essential to realize that we ARE suffering from a crisis of faith, and what we need to do as the most important thing when dealing with our small children, small siblings, cousins or anybody under our influence.

Happy viewing.


Glow said...

second vid is very good and i completely agree with it!! :)

Uni said...

Yeah, it's so very important for parents to give time and attention to their kids in the early years, so that they get the childrens' attention when they're older. :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

Jazak Allah khair.