Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Of endings and new beginnings :)

Assalamualaikummmmmmmmmm :D:D

Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhuuuuuuu!

May loads of sunshine, barakaat, and joy be your way (whoever reads this) :D. I'm in the mood to freely give out all the good dua'as possible in the worldddd. Sorry for the annoying multiple last word occurrences. I just feel too good to curb the annoying habittttt :P

So how are y'all!

I'm finally, truly madly deeply (yeah right), absolutely, completely, utterly, butterly, jam-ily, FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

This feeling had been missing for the past 2.5 years.. :). Now, that huge MS has finally ended. I'm soooo glad! Alhamdulillah, multiplied by a gazillion!

You know, when I was coming out of the university today, I couldn't think of how to express my gratefulness to Allah SWT, and a simple 'Thank you so much Allah Ta'ala' seemed so inadequate. So I used some gray cells and came up with a kinda free verse thanks, which I gave to Him. And I will tell that in the end... :P. Why? Because I need to tell the story first. After all, you should know the reason for the thanks, before the thanks right?

So did I tell you I feel like this:

I have extra energy right now, I think. Even though I am completely drained. Lemme start the story now.

I had to reach university at 10am. Reached by 9.15. Was sent to the Lab to set things up. Gave in my USB, the nice man switched on the projector. I checked my slides. All was well. Ready to begin. Now, just had to wait till 10am. Started reading my thesis. Glanced anxiously at the clock at intervals. Stomach felt weird. Hands were cold. The clock struck 10am.


And then it struck 10.05am...


And then it struck 10.10am...

:D:D. No sign of any supervisor or the external examiner.. :D:D.

I would glance repeatedly at the clock a lil more disbelievingly every time. But nothing happened. At last, at 10.30am, my supervisor enters the scene. He walked over to me, asked me some cursory questions and sat down.


The clock struck 10.45am...

..... then 10.55am. A small headache had begun to start at the base of my head by this time. At that point, I wasn't even nervous. Just wanted to START THE THING!!

At 11am, the examiner walked in. He's a busy fellow. Looked like he was in a real hurry. Vibe # 1: Don't make the presentation long.

And I had made such careful notes :(.

Anyway, after some introductions, I was instructed to begin my presentation. I started off. And promptly decluttered my brain with all the careful notes PER SLIDE I had made :(. And there were 78 slides :$. Because this wasn't any setting to 'explain and analyze' .. it was the setting for 'going through quickly in the minimum time, explaining the maximum things'.

Allah ka lakh shukkar, that I was able to do it. And I remember speaking, and then thinking 'what did I just say? Did I prepare it? No! It just came out of my mouth!' ... and it went on.. for about 30 minutes. In the middle, I was stopped several times :S. And asked what not what not. Alhamdulillah (multiplied by a gazillion) that I was able to answer. Except one question, but that had been beyond the scope of the thesis.

In the end, I was sent out, while the examiners made the decision. Before being sent out, the examiner said the kind words of "If you put in a little bit more work in it, your six credit hour thesis would be worth an entire MS by research degree, which this university used to offer. So the six months of work represents that two year degree work. Oh joy! :)

I stood outside, trying not to smile too much. Ten minutes later, the examiner strolled outside with a cell phone against his ear, talking and laughing. And strolled away.. :S..

Then, my supervisor walked out, and he said the nice words :):):) "Congratulations. You've become a Master's grad'..  Oh joy again :). I thanked him, and asked him what he thought of my presentation. He said it was made so simple that anybody could perceive exactly what you did and how you did it. It was really v.good. Alhamdulillah multiplied by another gazillion. I still have thesis mistakes to correct. But other than that, I'm good. :):)

I nearly skipped down the stairs, to the parking lot. Had a pile of theses in my arms, and the laptop bag, and a purse! Loaded, and in those uncomfy sandals.. [man! they suck!], I was jiggy-hearted enough to not be that uncomfy. Now, when you exit the department, there is a ramp (no stairs). As I proceeded to walk down the ramp, my heart still singing and smiles still straining to appear! ... suddenly....


my sandals just slipped.. and before I knew it... I had no feet!!! Gravity said 'Hellooooo' ... and down I went..!

If somebody had freeze-framed the moment, the above picture is what I would have looked like. *doubled over with laughter*


My first thought was (since I was capable of thinking this, Alhamdulillah I wasn't hurt - only my pride was!), "Did anybody see this?". There weren't any people in my immediate vicinity. I was so glad. Only for a millisecond. I heard a loud burst of laughter, from way out in the corridor. Apparently, some men were standing over there, and had witnessed the abaya clad lady walking down the ramp and falling so spectacularly along with her fat theses, laptop bag and purse! *doubled over with laughter again* :D:D.

So my bubble well and truly burst now, I walked away, looking DOWN and nowhere else.

Picked up Chotpo and we went to the Book Expo (today was the last day). It was lovely :) [even though my feet were killing me, because of those stupid sandals!!!]. I bought a few books and so did Chotpo. We drove back home - namaz, lunch, exhausted nap... but since Asr time occurs very soon now.. was up! Then bhanju was here, and had amazing fun with the lil kiddo.

It was a proper celebration :):).

Btw, baanju can now do this *nehaal and proud khalaa-ish smile*...

Me: Aaaaiiikkkkk
Bhanju: Doooooo
Me: Teeeeeeen
Bhanju: Chaaaaa
Me: Paaanchhhhhhh
Bhanju: Cheyyyy
Me: Saaathhhhh
Bhanju: Saaa [wrong answer!]
Me: Aaath!!
Him: Nauuuuuuu

*lote pote with laughter*

So long folks! Have a wonderful life! Do what you want to do and spend your time wisely!! Every moment is important, and will be accounted for.

And yeah, I had to put down the little free verse of gratefulness to Allah SWT for His Infinite Mercy and Help for this thesis work, which was done with so many challenges and commitments etc.

I thank you a number of times, oh Allah
The number of grains of sand
The number of drops of rain
The number of leaves in all the trees
The number of clouds in the sky
I thank you, equivalent to
The width of the sky..
I surely thank you.
So long! :)

PS: Have an article deadline tomorrow :).. IA
PPS: There is a workshop in January, where three scholars are coming over from abroad. One from Bayyinah Institute!!
PPPS: Wish I could do this :p....


MAK said...

Bohat bohat mubarak ho. I pray that your other dreams come true too.
I guess Bhanu had taken first step towards his thesis. :)
Just one thing, i had been following ur blog for quite some time (even i don't remember for how long) what was your thesis about? May be i missed your blog post about it.
Congrats again and best of luck for your future.

Tauqeer said...


Glow said...

congratulationsssssssssssss!!! appreciations!!! seeeeeee u did it and it was great (@ the degree by research comment)!!! I had this post last night but could not comment then.. it was such a happy post it brought a smile to my face... i was soo happy n satisfied as if it had been me who had finished!

the criteria seems hard! mine was easy... teh external was so relaxed i guess he had just asked 2-3 questions that is it... but my sup had grilled me in the pre defence!

It reminded me of the time when I had walked out of my thesis defence! I was soooooooooo Happy ufffffff Allah...

I hope things turn out fine this time... i can feel it in my bones that its going to be hard!!

Uni said...

Thanks very much :). Lol at bhanju taking first step towards thesis. Somehow, he doesn't seem like a thesis person! He seems more of a doer than a studier..But you never know.

My thesis was about moving object detection and tracking... basically, it combined two detection methods and showed that detection and tracking performance both can be improved by using multiple detection cues.

Thanks again!


Thankssssssssssssssss!!! :):):)
Alhamdulillah at the positive comments :). Heheh, yeah I was really v.happy despite being totally wiped out that day. Thank you so much for feeling happy :). I so hope your thesis gets submitted in time and you get the defense done too with flying colors.

:) hehe memories haan? And insha Allah things will be fine. You only have to know the things you did really well. Warna, all extra questions can be answered with "Well, it's beyond the scope of this thesis, but the best guess is.....blah blah blah" :P.

I hope and pray you get the defense done wonderfully insha Allah! :)

Thanks all for dropping by!

Glow said...

lol nice line... Ameeennnnn

Spherical square said...

Congratulations on getting well-earned freedom!
So you are a really happy blogger right now :d

Uni said...

@Spherical Square
Thank you :)

Alhamdulillah I am! And more great news comin up in the next post IA :D

Now if only world peace would be achieved... my life would be sukun-ed.

:) thanks for dropping by!

Darul Ifta said...
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Mohammad Zafar said...

Assalamu A'laikum,

Bahut Bahut Mubarakan..You are very good narrator Masha Allah!! I felt like its happening in front of my eyes...Really very elated experience.

One thing that I would like to REMIND here is Masha Allah we put lot of efforts in studies and attaining degrees etc, If we do this Niyyah of "I will use my learning and knowledge of this degree and whatever I have studied and studying for the deen of Allah, and I am not so able to use it, so please use my abilities to the best for the Deen O Allah, you are knowledge of everything". Insha Allah, This will definitely get you rewards for whatever you have studied and put efforts etc. Insha Allah summa Insha Allah, Allah will use our abilities based on our niyyah.

Heard this started dawah of the same :)

Tazeen said...

Uni baji! Mubarak! :D

This is absolutely wonderful news, Masha'Allah. So you're completely free finally?! :D

Uni said...

@Mohammad Zafar
Yes, that's the niyah we should have. Jazakallah for a very good reminder.

Jazakillah :). Yes I am completely utterly absolutely [lol] free finally.

Thanks all for dropping by!