Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dreamin' with eyes a-gleamin'

Much as I would like this month to end (or at least the 20th to arrive), there are things that would start right after this thesis ends.... which I am kinda sad about.

1. Who likes shopping? 
:) [rhetorical question eh]. Okay I  like shopping. But for others. And this time, it ain't gonna be for others. Can't even avoid it.

2. Who likes to miss the Book Expo because of the delayed thesis defense?

I hate missing it, and am getting all these glarey-looks from folks who wanted me to drive them to the place and drown in books, but hey, not my fault my viva got delayed. 

3. Who likes to celebrate new year knowing that when the year ends, you're no longer at the place you lived all your life?
Not that I'm very sad about this one. But then again, leaving a pretty sheltered life is not easy.

4. Who likes to give up the PhD dream?
Well, not that I'm very inclined towards it at the moment (sick of the thesis and all), but it's still sad to let heavily nurtured dreams go.


Much as I would like this month to end (or at least the 20th to arrive), there are things that would start right after this thesis ends.... which I am happy about!

1. Who doesn't like to travel?

:D. Love it. And the kind of mundane life I have right now, love it even more!

2. Who doesn't like to get some nice attention from folks?
Being a younger sibling and having a brilliant older sibling :p, I've never really felt that I've gotten some exclusive attention. Usually it's all about everything-on-the-planet-except-Uni-idiotoony. So this time, *rubs hands with glee*, I'm gonna enjoy this.

3. Who doesn't like making new friends?
Not that I'm super confident, but its intriguing to meet new people, live among them, see their habits, compare them to yours, smile at the differences and sigh with relief at the similarities.

4. Who doesn't like to have some free time? 
Finally! I can sit back, and relax. And there is no more worry about lessons, deadlines, homeworks, assignments, job hunts, tests, exams, theses, literature reviews.... the time after 20th Dec is absolutely absolutely completely totally irrevocably...*stops herself*...

I mean, I'm free.

5. Who doesn't like to make the following amazing list? :D

I'm going to:
Man, I almost feel as if the time of freedom has already come. Although it's er..  a full 5-6 days away. Sigh.

So long folks. Advice of the day:


Glow said...

the list happy n sad list is good...

i find the "to do list" veryyyy interesting and ambitious as well :)

I can sense wat ur feeling right now! :)

i wud love to be free :)

Uni said...

Ahh. I can't wait.. I just can't.. wait!

And I can so imagine what you're going through right now. Although, er, you're on a larger scale of wanting-to-be-free right now. I'm sure of that!

Best of luck and thanks for dropping by :)

Glow said...

well we cant compare.. wanting to be free is justified in each case :P

thank u :)

Uni said...

Maybe.. :) But the waiting for freedom period for me has been definitely less than for you !

And no prob!

Glow said...

indeed !! all the best :)

Umair said...

Your going-to-do list is great... it reminds me of my leaves too. lol.. each time i dream of doing something good, or atleast something which is bit productive. but my every leave ends up sleeping sleeping and sleeping.. :)

Uni said...

That always happens, yeah. But if we have longer free times available, then I guess we can do something more worthwhile than sleeping.

Thanks for dropping by.