Friday, December 23, 2011

Little achievements :)

I know anybody with a decent research track record will laugh if they see something like this. But hey, I'm not them, so I can be me, and declare very gleefully...

That my abstract got accepted in a conference !! My very first conference!

And it's an international one.. :D. In USA to be precise. But err, I can't go. So the second/third author has to be the presenter.

But that's not the point.

The point is that a publication came out of the thesis! And it matters. Like, the conference is an important one. Alhamdulillah.

Though it would have been so much fun to go for a week to the US *lost in the fantasy*

Lesson: Anybody out there who thinks his/her circumstances won't permit him/her to have achievements - just wait, and persevere. Things do fall through, even through the worst of times. Only hard work, consistency, belief and tawakkal in Allah (SWT) is important. And of course, the daily reminders like salah and Quran pulls through the most stressful times.

I hope and pray this paper turns out to be a good one (have to write it now), and the presenters do a good job with it.. :). Insha Allah.

Worthwhile share of the day:

Narrated Abu Huraira, Allah's Messenger (sallAllahu ├ílyhi wasallam) said,•► "The reward of the prayer offered by a person in congregation is twenty five times greater than that of the prayer offered in one's house or in the market (alone). And this is because if he performs ablution and does it perfectly and then proceeds to the mosque with the sole intention of praying, then for every step he takes towards the mosque, he is upgraded one degree in reward and his one sin is taken off (crossed out) from his accounts (of deeds). When he offers his prayer, the angels keep on asking Allah's Blessings and Allah's forgiveness for him as long as he is (staying) at his Musalla. They say, 'O Allah! Bestow Your blessings upon him, be Merciful and kind to him.' And one is regarded in prayer as long as one is waiting for the prayer."

[Bukhari :: Book 1 :: Volume 11 :: Hadith 620]


Glow said...

dont consider it little for u its a BIG achievement!! and every one needs a start this only the beginning of ur spectacular research career!! :) inshAllah :)

Uni said...

Thanks for saying that, really :). I only say little achievement because it's er .. very little compared to people .. who have like, 600 publications (or more) :p

Insha Allah :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Umair said...


congratulations once again. indeed a big day and achievement for you.. may Allah keep on showering his blessings on you.. I know how would you be feeling right now, cuz i remember when my brother's first publication was.. and the way he felt throughout that day..
But why wont u go to US to present ur research work?? :S

Dawsin said...

Congratulations at the achievement!
I won't call it big or little, because you have a long way to go (by that mean give the world thousands of more publications- and hopefully presentations)


Uni said...

Thanks. I can't go because only faculty members of universities get funding for research work.

Thanks so very much :). Insha Allah will try my best! Jazakillah for being happy for me!!


Ahmar said...

Congrats :)

Uni said...

Thank you.

MAK said...

Congrats. Just one thing even ppl with 600 + publication started with the first one. At that time that was an achievement for them. There is always a first and the hardest step.
Enjoy and celebrate this moment. You deserved it.

Glow said...

600 starts with 1 :)

Uni said...

Well thank you all for the encouragement. I hope this first step does turn out into a series of steps towards some useful research that helps our research/industry and brings about a useful change in the country.

Glow said...