Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Day That Went By


*sitting hunched up*

What an unforgettable day this has been (even though I wish I could forget it) :(. It actually started at 4am, because that's the time till I was awake (like, I slept at 4ish) tossing and turning trying in vain to just ... sleep.

After fajr, had only an hour to sleep, and had to get up because the thesis had to be given for printing today. Sigh. almost unable to open my eyes, I trudged off with Chotpo to her institute's library, where this really nice man took my thesis and started the printing process. Colored prints were being printed on a separate printer. Man, it took a looong time.  Then, had to get some forms and stuff for a friend of Chotpo's. After coming out of the university, and circling around to go to the proper gate, we were appalled to see the hugeee lines. Sigh again.

Went back in. Then went to collect one printout of the thesis to be given to my external examiner. That done, went out of university and went to my supervisor. Handed in the copy. Sat for around 10 minutes during which my phone loudly rang :$:$. Embarrassed, I ended the call. Lol. A message came in almost immediately, "Bhanju wants to talk to you" :D. Sent back an irate "I'm in a meeting!" and resumed the meeting. Lol, it was over in the next 3 minutes. Went out, and drove to Sis the Priss. Had a lovely welcome by bhanju wanju, and then loaded him and his samaan in the car, and me and Sis went home.

At home, it wasn't long before it resembled as if a tornado had struck the city. My mind felt like a tornado too. Just wanted to lie down somewhere, anywhere and sleep!

Anyway, finally bhanju was coaxed to sleep by his ever patient mommy.. [seriously sis the priss, HOW do you DO it!]... I was (I think) annoyed all day! It takes patience man! And unfortunately, khalas aren't blessed with the special patience hormones which all mommies are blessed with. :)

Finally, lay down to sleep at around quarter to 4[pm]. A friend called after a loooong time. Lol. All sleep gone, I chatted away and lost track of all time. The next thing I knew it was nearly 5pm. Got up, prayed. And endured Sis the Priss's incredulous stare :D.

Had a lil bit of sleep, before bhanju sahib thought its a great idea to roll himself on his 'aala' and head bumped my nose :(. SO bad was the pain, that my glow-ey feelings all vanished in a second. Man, I think I need to control my temper. :(

After maghrib, we made some plans to go out in the 'caa' so that bhanju would at least calm down. Tired though I was, I still thought it's better to be out in open air, in some peace and quiet and then come back after a few hours of solid 'awaara gardi'. Plus, the CNG was to be 'load-shedded' for a day, and it was supposed to close at 11pm today. Since I have to make another darn trip to the university tomorrow iA - for thesis binding and other admin issues [scowl], a CNG refill was needed.

Triple sigh. The line at CNG was sooo long, and we got into the wrong line (there was a misleading line .. which was essentially cutting the main line), but we were too far in to worm out of it, and hence were stuck there. I think we stood there for 40 minutes, before the CNG tank was filled for our car. Bhanju entertained the next cars' drivers and passengers by calling the older men 'nanaaaa', 'daadaaaa' and the younger men, 'maamoooo'

:D. Lol.

Since TB had to get something attested by Chotpo, and she had forgotten the stamp at the university, I drove her and everybody else including the wrestling bhanju to the university. I had thought the drive would be nice. Sigh.. (how many times have I sighed today?). It was a mass of tangled limbs [okay im exaggerating but you know what happens when kids are all over you - only this time, it's just one lil kid]. I had to constantly bear somebody turning on the wipers - yelling in the ears, and punching the rear view mirror.

HOW do they strap the kids in car seats? How??? It's beyond me. I can't imagine bhanju in a car seat. The seat would fall.

Anyway, came back. Had a nice dinner. Got it from Bovichic. It was another trial to be standing at Bovichic waiting for the order with bhanju running after 'maao' (cats) and the main road not far off. He wanted to put the 'shaww' (straw) in the ketchup bottle .. :D. Mannnnnnnn.

HOW do they raise 5 kids? [even 3?]


PS: Have I told you the latest Bhanju event? Happened a few days back. Well, he had the TV fall on him. Alhamdulillah, he wasn't hurt. But it fell on his leg. He was trying to climb up the TV.. :S... The X-Ray came today - all okay Alhamdulillah. But he's walking on his toes :D. [YET he's doing all the harkatain described above]..


PS: Dear Bhanju. Don't be upset reading about this day when you're 20 {lol}. Cuz it happens. And hey, you didn't have to face ME when I was 2. I'm sure it would have been just as hectic. [not really though :p]. Your ever loving... Aala. 


Ayesha Jalali said...

Uni, was that friend me ? :D

Glow said...

you have eventful days!!

Bhanju just ALMOST cheered me up! All the best with the end of the thesis...

You seem to eat out alot :S

Uni said...

Yes, and another one. That's why it was 5pm before I looked up :)

Yes, it was eventful indeed. I'm glad his antics cheered you up. Except yesterday, this is what happens with me too - no matter how dark the mood. Masha Allah :).

You seem to eat out alot :S
One of the tragedies of my life, yeah. *feels awful*
And then I complain too...

Thanks for reminding me though .. *tries to smile*.

Asim Jofa Lawn said...

The post is absolutely great! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Also like to admire the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your site!

Glow said...

well he shud be able to cheer u up anytime :P you just need an open mind :) when dealing with kids (i think)

err @ feeling awful ... i see alot of contradictions!! :P I think is the karachi thing eating out ALOT :P

Uni said...

Yeah, probably I should. Doesn't happen very easily all the time you know.

And yeah, too many contradictions. I didn't get your last sentence :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Uni, Your posts are always worth reading, and i never concluded that i wasted a single minute reading those...
Keep writing.

Your silent admirer. :-)

Glow said...
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Glow said...

i meant eating out alot, is a karachi culture thing

Uni said...

Er. Thanks very much.

Oh, yes it really is a Karachi thing. Like, any outdoor activity places are eateries.

Umair said...

you should tie up seat belt around little bhanja... nice reading. especially the part where bhanja was saying mamoo, nanoo, dadooo.. lol. :D Kids are always too lovely..

Uni said...

The seat belt would break. Seriously, there's no tying that particular kid down.

And kids surely are! Masha Allah.

Thanks for dropping by