Monday, November 14, 2011

True Friends

Rarely does a friend turn out to be a 'true' friend. There may be many different interpretations of the word 'true', but a/c to my observations, a true friend has the following characteristics:

1. They know exactly how you hide pain when you flash a bright-as-heck smile.
2. They can tell through your written words that something is not quite right.
3. They are loyal.
4. They are not too 3) - so that they'd start defending you even when you're in the wrong.
5. They love to tease you - and watch your irritation with amusement.
6. They'd leave their most hectic deadlines, to hear what you have to say.
7. When you get crazy ideas, they listen. Actually seriously.
8. They discuss the silliest things with you - like Pakistani dramas :D and cheer you up.
9. They have adorable kids who call you 'Aala' in the cutest way possible :D
10. They eat whatever you cook and criticize you so honestly that you don't even mind.
11. They don't think your ambitions are crazy, and totally believe in you.
12. They send you an instant emails when they read your sad blog posts :)

True Friends
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Glow said...

how true!!! :)

i like the analysis Ms. Researcher! :)

verification word:cones (have some ice cream its gud for the soul :P)

Uni said...

Glad you like the analysis.

Lol. Ice creams make people fat :)

Glow said...

not when ur not upto urself!! coz in anycase ur loosing calories my simmering over things! :P

Uni said...

After I concentrated a lot, I could get your comment :P

And haven't you heard of this fact: Thinking does not consume calories! ;)

Glow said...

sorry the my was actually a by :P

blekh no i dont hear stupid things :P

Uni said...

I know :P

And waisay, it (that stupid thing) was narrated by another true friend :D

Waisay, yeh characteristic bhe honi chaheeyay... true friends never hesitate to tell you the truth - no matter how the truth bites.


Glow said...

hahaha ok :P

Mohammad Zafar said...

One of the best friendship analysis stories..

Sis the Priss said...

I read 'dramas' n 'aalaa' n was like: hey this sounds familiar:D

U do realize u have described urself too:)

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss
:D Wow. Really?

*feels v.pleased* :) Thanks!