Thursday, November 10, 2011

Long time no whine


The kind of day this has been, the following pictures cheered me up immensely..

Bhanju with the bakra (fondly called 'cow' - er, actually, every four-legged animal is called 'cow') :P

What a cutie, Masha Allah. Life is generally good, specifically sucky these days. I feel like something is pressing hard on top of my head, heart and sometimes, even ears [when I'm transcribing lectures at lightening speeds]. I don't think I've ever been in this kind of pressure in my life.

Who knew writing a thesis would be this difficult? *pounding head right now*.. And in case you're wondering why I'm sitting online with a pounding head.. well, it pounds more when I try to be horizontal. So better vertical.

So long folks.


Tazeen said...

Masha'Allah at bhanju wanju! :D

Also, I ought to be completing my university assignments too but I have the excuse the I'm "recovering" from "illness". :$

Uni said...

Masha Allah :)
And oh you were sick too? Lemme guess.. flu? :P. I get it often waisay. And well, it's understandable to not do assignments with a floo-ey head.. :D

Who can!

Tazeen said...

I had flu pehle but then I got food poisoning, all thanks to this new recipe I tried (I cooked it all by myself). =/

I'm never going into the kitchen again. Or at least I won't be trying anything exotic. :P

Uni said...

Oh.. man! :( Bad combo. Lol.. :D What did you cook?

And sigh. At least you can afford that.. :)

Tazeen said...

Alhamdulillah. :)

And umm I made tikka boti but I put too much papaya paste in it, which was a terrible, terrible thing to do! :D

Uni said...

Hehehe :D. That's a cute thing to do. Er yeah terrible too. But Im sure it was delicious. NOW you can afford to say that :D:D

Tazeen said...

It was delicious! Sadly, I couldn't eat the remaining of it and watched my family finish it up, with wistful eyes. =/

Glow said...

mashAllah so cuteeeee!! :D

Uni said...

Heheh. Talking about upset stomach with flu...

*sniffles*. I caught the bug today.

Masha Allah. Yeah he's adorablee :)