Sunday, November 13, 2011

And I blink... and I blink... and I blink...

Some random images to depict the setting right now. Don't feel like writing.

Maybe I should...


Tazeen said...

*Massive hug*

Calling it a day and lying down, pretending to sleep (talking to Allah mian instead) helps.

Uni said...

*massive hug back*
Thank you so much. I agree with all your suggestions. It helps a lot (truly) to pour out one's troubles to Allah SWT.

At about 4 in the morning though, things became better, Alhamdulillah.

Jazakillah for dropping by :)

Ahmar said...

Life sucks, isn't :)?

Uni said...

Yeah. Surely does.

Haven't lost all hope and begun wondering why people who survive feel happy though.. *hint* :p

Thanks for dropping by!

Glow said...

things improve we just have to keep going through teh hardest of times... thats truly our test :)


Uni said...

That's truly our test, you are very right. I hope things seem better soon Ameen. Jazakillah for the comment.