Monday, October 10, 2011

Wish I Could Stop Thinking


I've stopped writing poetry. I don't really know what was the turning point - but I really have stopped. And stopped feeling the urge to let out the words in verses too. I miss the feeling. I miss the feeling of having words in my head.

Since missing it won't bring it back, I'll force myself to write one:

So here goes.

In the dewy mist of wintery dawn
She stands there, all forlorn
Looking for something to make it right
Something, anything - any bright light

During the scorching summer days
Her parched imagination seeks some rays
Of creativity, of work more than just play
Something, anything - any small way

As the sun sets behind the golden hill
Her hungry eyes, so empty, so still
Seeks the twilight, takes its fill
Something, anything - any strong pill

When the moon shows its glorious face
She stares at it, soaking up the rays
Wishing so hard, she had the pace
Something, anything - in this case

As darkness falls, she feels the pain
Fears and tepidations ebbs and wanes
She hopes it's soon she wouldn't feign

Something, anything - ever again

Copyright Uni_Overidiotic-oony 2011

It goes without saying that I had another bad meeting with my supervisor. He's really happy with my work.

Aren't the above two sentences contradictory? Lol.

I wish I were happy with my work.


Mohammad Zafar said...

Assalamu a'laikum,

Maasha Allah, your vocabulary is good (at-least better than mine). Have never seen your poetic endeavor in the Praise of Allah swt or Prophet Muhammad saws, If you r forcing yourself for this then this would fetch you undoubtedly unimaginable ornaments of the paradise. I would encourage the same. "Too much of expectations!!! is it? :)".

The sweetness of the Ashaar in arabic and urdu it really takes your mind somewhere else. every language has its own eloquence of expressions..and same goes with english too.

Uni said...

@Mohammad Zafar

Jazakallah. I haven't dared to write such poems.. But I guess we can make an attempt. I think my words cannot do any justice to those topics. But the idea is no doubt, a useful one. Will surely think about it IA.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

this poem sounds like a very sad one, :/. why is that? (or perhaps I am too dense about poetry)
there must be something to cheer about, a ray of hope, something to be happy about, no?
Your blog background picture, where is this place, I mean over which country? Did you take this picture yourself?
Do you know you are not allowed to use camera from a plane as it interferes with the navigation system of planes :P

Glow said...

sad poem but very very well written... things will get better i pray for u!!! :)

lovely background.. reminds me of similar pics i had taken :)

my verification word is : bucked

so cheer up and buck up gal!!! :)

Uni said...

Did you know, the best poems (at least for me) are created when the person is at a trough in life? So in a way, it's a useful thing.

But it's better now, thank you so much.

And the background picture is er, one I chose among the many options available..

Thanks for dropping by!

Thank you so much, and for the duaas too. I didn't take this pic :P

Hahaahah :D. I like ur attitude.

Thanks for dropping by! Xoxo

You guys are awesome. Keep up the caring spirit :). MA.

Tazeen said...

I miss you. :(

Uni said...

Aww *surprised and very touched*

You know what? I miss you too. And it's my own fault i don't keep up with blogs. And hardly write on mine either.

Remember when you were going through a phase of no-poetry ? Well, I'm going through one of no-writing .. :(
And it's been a while now.

And sucks!

Hope to come back soon IA though.

Sadaf Hafeez said...

Hey it was good poem.Though I don't write that often but still I can relate so well to these lines.

During the scorching summer days
Her parched imagination seeks some rays
Of creativity, of work more than just play
Something, anything - any small way

Really well done.