Friday, October 28, 2011

SIST 2011: Nouman Ali Khan's Message to Pakistan's Youth

An excellent talk by Nouman Ali Khan, to the youth in general, not just for the youth in Pakistan. I so hope we realize our responsibilities, our teenagers realize that life is not just about 'living it up' and 'living for the day' .. our parents get the insight and wisdom to teach their kids the true message of Islam, and we never feel ashamed/embarrassed of our deen, no matter what people do or say about it.

Really really inspiring, Alhamdulillah. DO watch.


Sadaf Hafeez said...

Wow ! I have been a great fan of Nouman Ali's Khan's lectures. This year , however , I managed to listen to only two of his lectures and THIS one was one of the two !

A great share again.

Gonna explore your blog further :)

Uni said...

Yeah I'm a listener too (wish I acted more too). And I'm glad you listened to this one :):). It's really good. Though, yeah the problems of the youth of America and Pakistan are somewhat different. But there are common points, and they have been addressed in this speech.

Thanks for dropping by :)