Monday, October 31, 2011

Of predictions...

I had predicted in July that by December, everything happening now will seem like an unreal dream. Boy, was I right.

My teacher had predicted after hearing my GRE score: Beta, you can get into any school of your choice. Boy, was he wrong.

Nobody knows
What lies ahead
One plans and hopes
But instead...

There might be pits
And falls here and there
Turns and twists
Despite the heavy care

Stare as we might
Watching events unfold
No difference can it make
We have to let things go

Try as we might
To change what we deem
Is not right - but
We have to let things be

We have to let things be.

Copyright Uni_Thoughtfully_Sadoony 2011


Dawson said...

Your poem ... it hit a nerve.
Hang in there, there's always a rainbow after a thunderstorm.

Uni said...

I guess it can hit a nerve with loads of people because really, having things not happening the way we want is something that happens all the time :S.

And thanks.. :). **keeps a keen look-out for the rainbow*


Thanks for dropping by!

Glow said...

dont be sad my dear!!! and yes no one can predict teh future accurately! :P

Uni said...

Well, things seem better sometimes, and low sometimes.. :S. So it's kinda okay now

:) And yeah. Nobody can..
Hurts, sometimes.

Thanks for dropping by!

UncleTom said...

well you finally changed the skin .. so ...... it looks nice btw

Uni said...

Yeah I did. Thank you!